Mobile App Development In Coimbatore

With small becoming the new big and large content fitting into limited sizes within mobile screens, we need to buckle up- for the online experience is changing.
Looking for a mobile app development company that has deep-rooted understanding and expertise? Two Stones is here to save the day and ages to come.
As a mobile application development company in Coimbatore, we have been helping companies flourish and brands grow, through products that run hand-in-hand with the latest technology and are robust in functioning.
From optimisation to reaping the best of technology, we deliver customer-oriented products that culminate in actual results.

Mobile Application Development Company In Coimbatore

Mobile Application Development In Coimbatore

We Two Stones is the mobile application development company in Coimbatore India. We do both IoS app development and android app development in Coimbatore. Our mobile app developer is well expertise to develop and deliver the application. We develop mobile application on both native and cross-platform including IoT, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, AI and Chatbot.

Mobile App Development Services

Android App Development

From language mastery, right tools, experience & components familiarity, to threads, loaders and tasks, we have got the whole android app development universe covered. This ensures that we give you a final product with deep research, latest technology and an unswervingly reliable one at that.

IOS app development

An exquisite programming knowledge that breathes into app performance, we at Two Stones have all you need to find that perfect IOS app. Brief us about what you need- enterprise or user needs, and we have got you covered. Concept to launch, a quick ride but the best in industry.

Hybrid app development

As the name sounds, hybrid app development covers the best of both worlds-the native & web, and so do we. Efficient use of web technologies that serve as the base, & run from within a native application, you shall have a product no less than the best. With simplicity, flexibility, security and seamless speed, you get an uncompromised quality.


Mobile commerce as rapid as your ever-evolving requirements? Yes, just what we meant. Simple yet clear, quick and self-promotional commerce, which is swiftly stirring as we speak, hasn’t got a match. Competency goes way beyond just an experience enhancement and we at Two Stones, one of the best app development companies, believe nothing short of great will suffice.

Mobile App Development Companies In Coimbatore

We are the best mobile app development companies in Coimbatore that provide services like native and hybrid mobile application to suit your business need. Two Stones is the one stop shop for mobile application development in Coimbatore for IoS and android application development. Mobile application is the best way to improve connectivity with customer and customer relationship. We are experienced on developing mobile application for various types of clients.

Research base

We grasp your requirements and needs intact onto our research base, so your final product is nothing short of perfect. We get to the root of your necessities and drive to bring the essence on to the results.

Model formulation

Tweaks are welcome because perfection doesn’t come easy. Model importance is something we deeply adhere to and care about. Ideas best modelled, experiences experimented before finalisation is of a great deal of significance to us.

User Experience

What we see is what we experience in today’s world. We compromise on none. From the elegant user interface to seamless user experience, we cater to the needs of the audience in need of speed and aesthetic.


If delivery is final, update and maintenance are key. Integration of all things well defined, in a way surpassing as tests of reliability and security, it is an application dream that is fulfilled each time, which is what you are sure to get when you shake hands with us, one of the best app development company.

Why Two Stones is a leading Mobile App Development Company in Coimbatore?

Design customization – Design needs are as varied as fingerprints, and we at Two Stones, respect that.

Constant support – Always within communiqué, we are by your side at easy reach.

Exceptional team – Creative expertise combined with artistic skills, our team is well-packed with power.

Competitive design – In a world of extensivity, we understand exclusive choices.

Technical experts – Our team of experts are already on top of the technology game with updates no less.

Who we can serve?

B2B – A business handshake that offers much more than results but an engraved experience.

IT & ITES –  We help you build a splendid site that leaves impressions and calls for comebacks.

Aerospace Aerospace and aviation sites that give your sales, wings to fly par sales norms.

Banking & Finance – A secured banking website that breeds trust.

Hospitality – A customer-oriented website design for your exceptional services.

Educational institutions – A website nothing short of inspiration for those who play with curiosity.

Fashion & Retail FMCG – Sales and conversion through a website that leaves an impression.

Healthcare & Pharma – As reliable as your service, websites that cater to needs unique.

Manufacturing Industries – Professional, yet elegance uncompromised, we have every industry covered.

Food & Beverages – With fun powered with innovation, our websites serve all your purposes.

Information Technology – IT business, up a notch? We have got your back, for our sites do beyond just a notch upgrade.

Start-ups – The right key could open wonders in business, websites being a key component, we are efficient on it.

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Our Core Services

Website Design – We thoroughly believe that user experience helps in making the purchase decisions. Two stones we have skilled and experienced UI designers who are proven for building scalable businesses. We design custom designs that help your target audience to come back to the site. Get your perfect website created by us.

Web Development – We leverage technology, tools, and best practices for developing unique websites for every brand. With the team of giants on planning, design, and development now you can build the most empowered platform for your business. Two stones as one of the top web development company in Coimbatore will help you in guiding the strategy and setup for your online presence through these websites.

Digital Marketing – Get your brand discovered with the optimized digital strategies that are unique to your brand. We, as the renowned digital marketing company in Coimbatore understand that your digital transformation should overall reduce the cost in the process of acquiring the customers. By keeping ROI on loop, our strategies for your brand will help in reaching the organic growth and develop more inbound traffic.

Search Engine Optimization – Assuring that we will be coming up with the most relevant and problem-solving content for your websites and blogs. In the process of SEO, you will realize that we are mapping out to the desired results expected. It is one of the top priorities in the company to produce our client websites as top-ranking sites on the search engines.

Mobile App Development – As a team Two Stones has put together some of the tech-driven brains who can offer the mobile application with the optimal audience coverage. The quality is assured with the highest retaining capacity. From the e-Commerce application to gaming apps, we have a versatile range of skill that can fulfill your requirement.

Branding – Our branding technique is fluid enough in matching the unique requirements for various channels. Whether it’s online or offline with our branding strategies, you can position the business at the top of the mind of people. Keeping your most ideal customers in the process, we create brands that are competitive, distinctive, and profitable.


What is mobile app development?

The number of smartphone users is skyrocketing every day. From life simplification to quicker access, the intention varies. Mobile app development is a method through which a software application is created to run on a mobile device. It could either be for a business, marketing, or even personal use.

How much time does it take for an App to develop?

To put it straight, it would take 4- 6 months to develop an app that is fully power-packed and of smart use. This might vary, scale up or down depending upon the type, purpose and so many other relevant factors.

What is the difference between Android and iOS in App Development?

The first thing of all, the programming languages used to build them differ- iOS apps run on Objective-C / Swift, and Android apps run on Java. The other concepts that distinguish an iOS from an android app are testing methods, the visual difference- the interface, preferences and the like.

Which are the mobile application tools?

Based on your purpose and requirement, the tools you use can vary. They could be anything among the most frequent ones in the industry- Android Studio, X Code, App code, Appcelerator, Xamarin and so on.

How often should I update an app?

Reasons, why you should be updating an app, could be to remain relevant or to give your audience new features, or maybe both. Though a monthly update is suggested, it is recommended not to bug your users with recurrent app updates, which will diminish their liking for it, so says study. Therefore, it is proposed to keep it regular but not frequent.

Why do we need mobile app development?

Nowadays most of the customer are using smartphone and tablets because of that mobile application is the only way to get new potential customers. Mobile application will go across the country as worldwide.

What is required for mobile app development?

Actually, the mobile development process involves creating installable software bundles (code, binaries, assets, etc.) implementing backend services such as data access with an API, and testing the application on target devices.

I already have a website, can you build an app for the same?

Absolutely, Two Stones will easily develop an app for your website. We use cloud databases so the data will be synchronized across your website and mobile app as well.

How do you accept payments?

We do accept payment through Wire Transfer, Cheque, and PayPal.

Mobile App Development Company in Coimbatore.
A crew of Mobile App UX designers, Mobile App developers, Mobile App Architects etc.

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