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Web development:

The process of developing websites and web apps is known as web development. It involves creating and maintaining websites and web applications and many web development companies use various technologies, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and others.

The front-end and back-end components of websites and online applications are worked on by web developers, who use a range of tools and programming languages to build dynamic, interactive web pages and store and retrieve data from databases. To make sure that websites and web apps are operating efficiently and providing the ideal user experience, they also test, debug, and improve their work.

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Web development company

There are many areas to be focused for web development, but the prime areas to be focused and in which we put to satisfy our client’s needs are;

1. Gathering Requirements:

Understanding the client’s business objectives, target market, and any unique requirements for their website or web application or web development should take some time on Two stones.

2. Design:

The business plan we do should collaborate with the customer to develop a website or web application that is visually attractive, user-friendly, and consistent with the client’s brand and personal preferences.

3. Development:

We have a team of skilled developers who can create a top-notch website or web application utilizing the most recent tools and industry best practices.

4. Testing and Debugging:

We will continuously check the website or web application to make sure everything works as it should and to address any bugs or problems that may come up.

5. Positioning and Maintenance:

To keep the website or web application secure and up-to-date, we will place it on an appropriate server and provide ongoing maintenance and support.

6. Communication:

Throughout the web development process, Two stones always maintain the lines of communication open and transparent with the client, offering regular updates and loading quickly any queries or concerns.

We have strongly committed to producing top-notch work and offering the best customer care in addition to these specific tasks. We always take the initiative to recommend cutting-edge tools and strategies that will enable our clients to accomplish their objectives more successfully.

Development Technologies

The tools and programming languages used by web development companies or web developers to create and update websites and web apps are referred to as “development technologies.” Several of the most popular development technologies are as follows:

Development Technologies :
The tools and programming languages used by web development companies or web developers to create and update websites and web apps are referred to as “development technologies.” Several of the most popular development technologies are as follows:


PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a server-side scripting language used for developing dynamic web pages and web applications. It is a popular language for web development due to its simplicity and versatility, and it is widely used in combination with other technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

PHP enables programmers to integrate dynamic features like form processing, database interaction, and user authentication into websites. The server runs PHP code, and the result is transmitted as HTML to the user’s browser.


The most recent version of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), which is used to build online pages and web applications is HTML5. It was developed to make it simpler for developers to design and maintain websites, web development, and web applications as well as to enhance the functioning and performance of the internet.

With the introduction of new elements and characteristics like geolocation APIs and video and audio elements, HTML5 makes it simpler to design intricate, dynamic web pages. Additionally, it has improved web application functionality, enabling developers to create more potent and sophisticated programs that run directly in the browser without the use of plugins.

Overall, HTML5 is a major advancement for web development, giving programmers more versatile and adaptable tools to create websites and web applications that offer rich and interesting user experiences.

React JS:

A JavaScript toolkit called React is used to create user interfaces. It was created by Facebook, and Facebook, along with a community of independent developers and businesses, is now maintaining it.

React enables programmers to create reusable user interface (UI) components that are readily linked to produce complex user interfaces. When the data changes, the UI is quickly updated using a virtual DOM (Document Object Model). React apps benefit from being quick and responsive thanks to this, even when processing huge amounts of data which leads to better web development for the company.

Angular JS:

A JavaScript framework called Angular is used to create interactive and dynamic web apps. It was created by Google, and Google, along with a community of independent developers and businesses, is now maintaining it.

In addition to its fundamental features, Angular offers a variety of built-in services and features, including support for reusable components and custom directives, a strong template engine, and a configurable router. Additionally, it has a large and vibrant developer community that offers a variety of materials, tools, and assistance for creating Angular apps.

Node JS:

Based on the V8 JavaScript engine in Chrome, Node.js is a JavaScript runtime. It enables programmers to run JavaScript on the server side and build server-side JavaScript apps. Node.js is lightweight, efficient, and ideal for data-intensive real-time applications that operate across dispersed devices because it offers an event-driven, non-blocking I/O architecture.

A strong framework for creating quick and scalable network applications is Node.js.


The .NET platform is a strong one that offers many tools and frameworks for creating web development applications. With .NET, programmers can create scalable, fast online apps that work across different hardware and operating systems.

One of the key advantages of using.NET is that it enables programmers to create code that is modular, reusable, and adaptable, which boosts productivity and cuts down on the time and effort needed to create apps. Additionally, the.NET framework contributes to the long-term security, durability, and maintainability of applications.


A well-liked PHP web development framework called Laravel provides a number of features and tools for creating cutting-edge, scalable online apps. It is renowned for its clean syntax, expressive language, and wide range of tools that make developing online applications simpler and quicker.

Complex web-based systems, e-commerce applications, and dynamic, interactive websites are frequently built with Laravel. Developers aiming to create the best website apps frequently choose it because of its modular design and emphasis on clean and readable code.


A PHP framework for creating web apps is called CodeIgniter.

It was developed to give programmers an easy-to-use toolkit for making PHP-based web apps with lots of features. To perform common operations like connecting to a database, managing HTTP requests, and creating views, CodeIgniter offers a set of libraries and utilities. Removing the need to create repeated code, speeds up the development process and saves time. A framework is a popular option for creating dynamic websites and online apps because of its simplicity, speed, and tiny footprint.


Python is a widely used language for web development because of its ease of use, adaptability, and robust libraries. It is frequently used to construct server-side web applications, scripts, and many kinds of utilities.PHP:

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a server-side scripting language used for developing dynamic web pages and web applications. It is a popular language for web development due to its simplicity and versatility, and it is widely used in combination with other technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

PHP enables programmers to integrate dynamic features like form processing, database interaction, and user authentication into websites. The server runs PHP code, and the result is transmitted as HTML to the user’s browser.

Web Development Service

The process of building and maintaining websites is referred to as web development services. These services often cover both the front-end components that make a website function properly, such as server configuration, database management, and security, as well as other aspects of website design, such as layout, functionality, and overall user experience.

Website development

The process of designing, constructing, and maintaining a website is referred to as web development.

Responsive Website development:

When a website is developed to be responsive, it may be viewed on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones as well as other screen sizes and devices. Regardless of the device a user is using, responsive web design aims to give them the best viewing experience possible.

Dynamic Website development:

The term “dynamic website development” describes the process of building websites that can alter their content and structure on the fly in response to user input or data changes. This contrasts with static websites, which have a predetermined layout and content. Using server-side technologies like PHP, Ruby on Rails, or ASP.NET, web development can happen and dynamic websites can connect with databases to store and retrieve data.

Customer portal:

A customer portal is a web-based platform that gives customers a single point of entry to manage and communicate with a business. Customers can engage with customer service, do purchases, and access their account details, purchase history, and other relevant details. The customer portal offers a secure, user-friendly interface that streamlines the customer experience and is frequently integrated with the business’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and e-commerce systems. For businesses aiming to increase customer engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty, it is a crucial tool.

E-commerce development

Developing online shops and marketplaces to sell goods and services via the internet is referred to as e-commerce development. Due to the fact that it entails creating the user interface and functioning of the online store or marketplace, web development is a crucial component of e-commerce development.

Magento Development:

A well-liked e-commerce platform for creating online shops and marketplaces is Magento. It offers a variety of features and tools for constructing e-commerce websites and is developed on top of the PHP web development framework.

Virtuemart Development:

The process of modifying and developing the VirtueMart platform to create an online store that specifically caters to the requirements of a business is referred to as “VirtueMart Development.” This can involve creating a unique theme, including payment channels, new functionality, and performance-enhancing the platform. A skilled developer or a VirtueMart development firm may handle VirtueMart development.

Shopify Development:

Popular e-commerce platform Shopify enables customers to create online marketplaces and stores. In addition to a user-friendly interface, adaptable customization options, and built-in support for payment processing, shipping, and inventory management, it offers a variety of features and tools for developing and operating e-commerce websites. Shopify offers a variety of features and tools for creating e-commerce websites in the context of web development.

Woocommerce development:

One of the most popular content management systems (CMS) for creating websites, WooCommerce is a well-known e-commerce plugin for WordPress. It is quite configurable and expandable, and it offers a variety of features and tools for creating online shops and markets.
WooCommerce offers a variety of tools for creating e-commerce websites in terms of web development.

CMS Development

The process of developing a content management system (CMS), a software program used to handle digital content such as website pages, articles, photographs, and videos, is referred to as CMS development.

WordPress development:

The process of building or modifying websites utilizing the WordPress platform is referred to as WordPress development. This may include work on the website’s layout, creation of original themes and plugins, and configuration of its settings and operation. Due to its adaptability, simplicity of use, and sizable developer and user community, WordPress is a popular platform for creating websites.

Drupal development:

Building or customizing websites with the Drupal content management system is referred to as Drupal development (CMS). This can involve activities like developing website themes and modules, setting up the functioning of the site, and incorporating outside services. Drupal is a potent content management system (CMS) with a rich feature set and a sizable developer and user community. It is renowned for its scalability and security and is frequently used for creating intricate websites and applications.

Intranet Development:

A private network that is only available to authorized users is created for a company or a particular group of people through the process of intranet construction. Intranets can be a useful tool for enhancing cooperation and productivity as they are frequently used to share information, resources, and applications within a company or group.

Building an intranet means creating a web-based platform that is only accessible to authorized individuals within the organization in the context of web development. A variety of functions and tools, including document management, task management, collaboration tools, and access to business resources and apps, can be included in this platform.

Web Application Development

The process of developing software applications for web browsers or web servers is known as web application development. This can involve activities including developing the back-end functionality, designing the user interface, and integrating with third-party services.

Software Development

The process of planning, building, testing, and maintaining software applications is known as software development. It entails a variety of tasks, including gathering and evaluating requirements, developing the architecture, writing code and fixing bugs, testing and certifying the functionality, and eventually launching and maintaining the product. Depending on the particular needs and objectives of the project, a range of programming languages, tools, and frameworks can be used for software development.

CRM Development

A web-based customer relationship management (CRM) system that can be accessed through a web browser is referred to as CRM development in web development. Various web development tools, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and other server-side computer languages, can be used to create this kind of CRM system.

Web-based CRM systems have several benefits, such as accessibility from any location with an internet connection, simplicity in administration and upkeep, and compatibility with other web-based products and services.

Why Two stones as a web development company

The selection of Twostones as a web development firm will be based on a company’s unique needs and specifications as well as the client’s project goals and objectives.

Twostones is an organization with an established history of performing high-quality projects, experience working with organizations or sectors that are similar to their own, a bright and professional workforce, and the potential to complete tasks within a defined budget and times but not least, we always communicate and price honestly and giving clients accurate and upfront estimates and making sure they are happy with the final result.

Two Stones as a web development company in Coimbatore

Our team of experts, who work for a web development company in Coimbatore is knowledgeable about the most recent web development technologies and best practices.

Our goal is to deliver a customer-centric approach by closely collaborating with clients to grasp their unique needs and goals and giving them regular updates on the status of their projects.

Finally, we are always transparent in communication and pricing, providing clients with clear and upfront estimates and ensuring that they are satisfied with the end product.


It starts with understanding the requirements to the Technology. The depth of this understanding will reflect in our final output because we plan and strategize based on these learnings.


Preparing the foundational framework for the website using structure, content, sections, and design that suit best to your company and your target audience.

User Interface Design

Create a top-class User Interface to make your website presentable, catchy, and attractive and convert them into leads, and ultimately increase the revenue.


Finally, we create fully functional and absolutely stunning websites that are not only attractive and rich in content but also responsive to all devices and platforms.

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Website Design – We thoroughly believe that user experience helps in making the purchase decisions. Two stones we have skilled and experienced UI designers who are proven for building scalable businesses. We design custom designs that help your target audience to come back to the site. Get your perfect website created by us.

Web Development – We leverage technology, tools, and best practices for developing unique websites for every brand. With the team of giants on planning, design, and development now you can build the most empowered platform for your business. Two stones as one of the top web development company in Coimbatore will help you in guiding the strategy and setup for your online presence through these websites.

Digital Marketing – Get your brand discovered with the optimized digital strategies that are unique to your brand. We, as the renowned digital marketing company in Coimbatore, understand that your digital transformation should overall reduce the cost in the process of acquiring the customers. By keeping ROI on the loop, our strategies for your brand will help in reaching organic growth and develop more inbound traffic.

Search Engine Optimization – Assuring that we will be coming up with the most relevant and problem-solving content for your websites and blogs. In the process of SEO, you will realize that we are mapping out to the desired results expected. It is one of the top priorities in the company to produce our client websites as top-ranking sites on the search engines.

Mobile App Development – As a team Two Stones has put together some of the tech-driven brains who can offer the mobile application with the optimal audience coverage. The quality is assured with the highest retaining capacity. From the e-Commerce application to gaming apps, we have a versatile range of skill that can fulfill your requirement.

Branding – Our branding technique is fluid enough in matching the unique requirements for various channels. Whether it’s online or offline with our branding strategies, you can position the business at the top of the mind of people. Keeping your most ideal customers in the process, we create brands that are competitive, distinctive, and profitable.


Typically, a web development company works with clients to design, create, and maintain websites and web applications. This could involve activities including obtaining specifications, making drawings and mockups, coding, testing, and deployment, as well as continuing support and maintenance. Some web development firms could also provide associated services like web hosting, SEO, and digital marketing.

All web development companies fall under one of three kinds of roles:
“Front-end” developers are programmers who specialize in user interfaces. Individuals who create the back-end "back-end" code that supports all website activities.Those in full control of a website's overall functioning - Full stack.

Think about a web development company's experience, portfolio, customer references, project management style, and method of communication while making your decision. It's also important to confirm that the business is knowledgeable about the specific platform or technology needed for your project.

Website design, development, content management system (CMS) development, e-commerce development, mobile application development, search engine optimization (SEO), and website maintenance are just a few of the many services provided by web development companies.

Hiring a web development company can give you access to the most recent online technology, skills in site design and development, and time and resource savings.

The length of time it takes to create a website might change depending on the project's complexity, the accessibility of resources and data, and other elements. Based on the specifics of the project, a web development company should be able to offer an expected time frame.

Web development company uses a variety of programming languages, but some of the more popular ones include HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Ruby, PHP, Python, and Java are a few further widely used languages.

As far as web development company’s concerned, front-end development is the area of web development that is focused on creating and designing a website's user interface. The design, fonts, colors, and other visible components that people interact with fall under this category.

Back-end development is the area of web development that is concerned with creating a website's server side. This covers the server, database, and application programming that ensures the proper operation of a website. A web development company will always have a special concern with the back-end development part.

Full-stack development describes the process of creating a website's front end and back end. For a web development company, a full-stack developer will be equipped to create a website's server-side code as well as its user interface.

Without the need to know any programming languages, users may quickly build, change, and manage the content of websites using a content management system (CMS). The other three web development divisions are far more difficult than becoming a CMS in a web development company.

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