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Two stones believe, “The world itself is a visual place”. There are many captivating designs that you come across every day, and you are going to remember forever. Well! Thus as one of the best Web designing companies in Coimbatore, we are offering an experiential design in defining the brand, a product, a service, or a platform. More than just eye candy, we create a great design that creates the right interface to navigate your customers for the business. With expertise in the technology at Two Stones, we create a simple but transformative website for your consumers.

We are a team of professional web developers based in Coimbatore. In today’s gadget-filled world, Websites play an important role in boosting a company’s performance. If you are in the pursuit to hire a web developer to design user-friendly, informative and vibrant websites, then we promise you have landed in the right place. Our techie geeks are experts in several areas. This includes website designing, e-commerce websites for shopping, digital marketing, mobile app development, online magazines and so on. 

Website Design Coimbatore

Web Design Company In Coimbatore

Two Stones is a leading web design company in Coimbatore India. We design websites as per customer requirements with the best quality and customer satisfaction. We have professional website developers and the best website design in-house team with us to meet customer needs. We are providing web design services in Coimbatore for more than 4+ years on both static website and dynamic website.

A Professional Web Design Company In Coimbatore That Stands Out!

Among several hundred web designers available across the city, our team stands out as unique with the quality of services we offer. Two stones has been in the field of website designing for close to a decade now. Within this span, we have delivered promised services to over 200 clients based upon website designing, mobile applications, e-commerce websites, etc.

Our team works on a requirement-based pattern. We understand the requirement of each client before we start working on the project. Our pre-requisite in each project includes an extensive brainstorming session with the client. This helps us deliver custom-made projects to happy clients. During this process, we also design a prototype which is a pilot-scale based model.

This schematic and organised steps in each project building helps us avoid errors during the process of project development. Quality service at a promised time frame is our goal. And we have been on the journey to deliver the same. Our team has ensured quality services in the past. We also continue to deliver services, expecting to give out the same quality services in the future as well.

Types Of Website Design Services We Offer

E-Commerce website

E-commerce websites have the potential to change mere visitors to customers. These platforms continue to be the best option to give your business a pump. A huge amount of money is spent every day on e-commerce websites. A proper e-commerce website contains an organised list of products, customer-friendly shopping cards, dynamic payment options and so on.

WordPress websites

WordPress websites are easy to design and user friendly. Web developers focus on designing dynamic, informative and user-friendly WordPress websites. This can help you reach the right customers at the right time. This can amplify your business and give it a boom among competitors in the market.

Product landing page

Product landing pages are extensively meant to convince consumers to buy a specific product. The page should have appropriate product details. The design of the page should be appealing and convincing. Landing sites are used prominently by popular brands. But with technological development, even startups manage to have their landing sites these days.

Responsive websites

With devices of several dimensions coming up, there is a demand for responsive websites that could be responsive. These websites can change their elements and widgets according to the dimensions of the design. From computers to tablets to smartphones, responsive websites are fluidic and toggle to display on all devices.

Single-page websites

Single page websites provide concisely and information to the point. This information helps the viewer or the consumer get the right amount of information required. All the information is just constructed on a single page. Single page websites though easy to design have to contain only the appropriate information to avoid over-crowding.

Web directories

Just like a catalogue you find at a store, web directories are online catalogues that contain several websites constituted in a single HTML page. Such directories help visitors obtain information about a specific topic all in one place. In simple terms, web directories are listings of a specific search term. This can help match clients with the service they are looking out for.

Online magazine and news portal

Several educational firms and NGOs are in pursuit to spread information to the general public. Unlike print media, e-journals are quick and highly accessible. Designing user-friendly, dynamic and easy to update magazines and journals are a major requirement. These magazines contain multitudes of data that requires proper organising and accessibility.

Community and forum website

Community and forum websites are platforms where the public express their opinions. These websites also require organisation and a proper record of all the data shared. Record of information from the most popular to the least can help in understanding a community opinion. This requires extensive designing, unlike regular web pages.

Web Design Technologies We Serve

In the case of web designing, the technologies involved can be segregated into two. The front end technology, which deals extensively with the client’s or consumer’s side. The other one is the back-end technology which focuses on the server’s side. In the case of backend Technology, there are several programming scripts used. Each one has a specific purpose to serve.

The basics include HTML and CSS which forms the skeleton of the web page. Without these two, building a web page is close to impossible. Apart from these two, there are also several other programming languages involved in the process of website designing. From the basic Java script to the most advanced Rust. Some of the most common website development sites lie WordPress is built on PHP which is yet another programming script. Java is another language that is gaining hype for its extensive use in writing android applications. Rust, the most recent programming language focuses on concurrency which is a synonym for multiple-tasking.

With these programming languages, the world of web development is wider than one can imagine. The options are endless when it comes to what you can add to your website. With these, websites are more client-friendly, dynamic and informative.

Our Website Design Process

Website designing is not a one day process. It requires tedious work and effort over days for a proper website to be launched without hitches. Our team at Two stones works in an organised pattern, one step at a time to create flawless websites for your firm. Our entire process can be described in 7 sequential steps. Here is how we build a website from scratch to serve our clients.

Brainstorming and goal setting

Before we jump into website designing, we clearly understand the client’s requirements. Every client we meet comes up with a different requirement. And we believe, understanding the requirement of the client is the first step towards building a proper website. We brainstorm with the client to understand their requirement and frame the objectives required for building up the website.

Fixing up timelines

There are several elements involved in each web page development. We clearly understand this and work our way one step at a time. We fix small achievable goals and set up a definite time frame within which the goal should be achieved. This helps us deliver the client’s project on time. This might sound like an additional step without much importance. But this is what helps us work in a flow without errors.

Structuring the website

Once the timelines are fixed, we picture an outline. The content to be added, the widgets, the interactions, plugins and so on. Each of these elements is given importance. We picture an outline and work our way from here. This is where the actual process of website development begins. From here, we gradually develop, test and modify to create a perfect website without many flaws.

Content and optimisation

Every website houses tonnes of data in it. The content to be published has to be optimised before being published. Optimisation helps in the proper trafficking of the website. This makes sure only the right clients reach your page. Bringing in a lot of potential customers to your page can indeed have an impact on your business. SEO optimisation tools are available these days that can help you fix a proper keyword, optimal use of keywords, creating snippets and so on. We make sure all your content is properly optimised before being published.

Images and dynamics

With mere content and wordings, your website might be a bit boring to look at. To make it more colourful, interactive and more attractive, we try and include a lot of visual elements and interaction options. These features also increase the number of clients reaching out to your page. Animations, theatrical effects and visual features can also have a positive effect on your website and in turn your firm.

Testing your website

Now, with all the elements of your website added and organised we look to test your website. This testing step is highly essential, as it helps in identifying hitches in the original website. This serves as a prototype of your original website. If there are errors, even at this stage, our team works to identify and rectify these errors. This is just to ensure that the final website is free from any glitches or errors.

Launching the completed website

If the client is happy with the testing prototype, then we extend it further to get the complete and perfected website for your firm. This falls under launching. Once the website is launched, it is open for the public to view and interact. Even after this, there might be crashes and errors which are inevitable in website building. Under such conditions, your website requires maintenance and rectification, which we also work with. The team from Two stones is highly cooperative and work even beyond launching. This is why our clients recommend us to their peers.

Website Design Company in Coimbatore 

Two stones is among the few very successful website designers based in Coimbatore. Our firm encompasses a team of experts who have been in the field of website designing for over a decade. These experts can provide you with the right services that just matches your requirement. Our team at Two stones is highly passionate about designing the best websites for your firm.

If you are hunting out for options, we recommend you take a look at our testimonials. Our list of happily served clients will bring you to us for your website requirement. We work in unison with you to get you’re the best designs, the best content and the best service when it comes to website designing.

Industries We Serve For Web Design 

Websites, applications and e-commerce sites are inevitable in almost all major sectors. This includes governmental organisations, private sectors and even non-profit organisations. It is essential to create awareness among the people about your existence. We at Two stones clearly understand this.

From creating websites for educational institutions to mobile applications for food delivery, we serve every requirement. We are open to the vast expanse called the internet. We are exploring the application of the internet and websites in almost every very other fields. We have worked with industries from sectors like education institutions, hospitality, IT, Food and beverages, fashion and also startups.

Why Do Businesses Need a Good Website Design?


The first reason why you need to have a website for your business is to build a brand. This is to make people aware of your firm and the products or services you offer. Though there might be several firms that sound similar, creating an impression about your brand to the general public can be achieved with ease by simply creating a website for your firm on the internet.


There might be several firms that offer the same services as you do. To show yourself as a unique and credible brand you need a website.

Creating leads

With appropriate websites, you can reach out to more clients than you can imagine. There are millions of people browsing the internet as you read, looking out for the services that you offer. Having a well-organised website with proper keywords can help the right leads home.

Website trafficking

Optimised website and contents are the simplest way to bring traffic to your website. When you put up optimised content you can easily reach out to the right people looking out for your services.

Updates and expansion

If your firm is developing, or if you wish to add to the list of services you offer, you don’t have to spend much to advertise. You can simply put up an announcement on the website to easily create awareness among people about your services.

To conclude, if you are looking for a cost-effective option to make your firm stand out from the crowd, the simplest way is to create a website. This is easy, reliable and you can visualise the gradual development of your firm’s growth after creating a well-built website.

Features of a Good Website Design 

Mobile Compatibility

With smartphones operating in the hands of more than one-third of the world population, mobile compatible websites are a need of the hour.

Fast Load Time

Websites that are lite and easy to load are on demand. You don’t want your clients to keep waiting for your website to load, or do you?

Effective navigation

Websites with pages that are easy to navigate and access are most welcomed by people. These interactive websites create a positive impression about your firm in the minds of the client.

Clear Calls To Action

Interactive websites with a clear response is essential to pitching potential leads. This is why your websites need to have a clear call to action plan.

Social Media Sharing

In today’s world, social media is just another platform to perform business. By including an option for social media sharing, more people would get to know about your firm and the services you offer. Thereby generating more leads for your firm.

Team of Website Designers in Coimbatore 

If you wonder what a team of web developers in Coimbatore could do, then here is the answer.

Two stones is a successful website designing firm that has extended its services across firms. Our team has successfully made up to the requirements of several clients. Under our web developing service, we managed to successfully create mobile-friendly, interactive websites for Bellatrix aerospace. Our clients were satisfied and happy with our final output and the entire journey of partnering up with Two stones.

We also have a few other clients who were happy to partner with Two stones. This includes,

– Lavikworx, a tea of entrepreneurs venturing out in several sectors

– Big short films, the modern-day storytellers

– Penta Equipments, a manufacturing firm

– Mango education, a linking pin between technology and school education

These are just a few of the several clients we have handled across the services we offer. We are happy to serve you and your requirements. All you have to do is, reach out to us today with your requirements, to get it satisfied. Two stones always expect to explore the depth of what the internet and technology could do to a firm. And we are still in the pursuit to help you perform bigger and better in this technological world.

What we do?

Responsive Web Design 

Gone are those days when people believed that laptops and desktops are the keys to purchase. Now the consumers want to decide as they move, and mobiles and tablets are offering extra efficient support for that. With the responsive web design, we provide optimized sites that can help you maintain the brand design across the devices. 

HTML Web Design 

HTML is one of the most revered platforms for creating a website. Our HTML web designs are famous for the unparalleled support in creating the best potential for the brand. Two stones we put in the heart in providing the right tools and elements that quenches the web development requirements. Also, with appealing designs, we are known to bring unique customers every day. 

E-commerce Web design 

E-commerce is exponentially expanding, and it brings the market place as a nesting home. From food to technology, anything can be purchased online. However, it is getting competitive day by day. By choosing the E-commerce web design from Two-stones, we can help the brand bring business and ensuring that the customers are coming back to you.  

WordPress Web Design

From a startup to Forbes 500 company, most have them have established their online presence with WordPress. With the dedicated designers, we are creating the WordPress design considering your brand communication as an ultimate goal. Now you can get your site ready in a short period with no compromise in the quality. 

Website Designers In Coimbatore

We design responsive website for better performance on all browsers and devices. Two Stones is one-stop-shop solution for web design in various platforms like PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap and jQuery. We also have CMS content management system and Data Technologies. We design website and deliver on time at an affordable cost. We do design single page website and multiple page website as per customer needs.

Requirement Analysis

We take into account of your short and long term goals, marketing objectives, challenges, target audience and future growth strategies.

User Interactive Design

The visual components play a major role in a website and perfect placement of the applets and navigation keys enhance the user interface.

Content Architecture

Our team works on the applet and content placement in the website which is strategized in a way where it provides ease to the users.

Website Development

Our development framework is highly reliable and unbreachable where the websites are built on languages like HTML, JavaScript, etc.

Why Two Stones is a leading Website Design company in Coimbatore?

Competitive Design – An extensive organized market research to make every website unique in the respective industry

Customized Design – A customized site that satisfied the requirements of the brand and the customers

Customer Support – We are just a call away. Reach us if you are puzzled or want to update your website

Skilled Team – Every team member is artistic, creative, collaborative and logical when it comes to business

Technical experts – Our team keeps track of updating the knowledge and technology for robust websites.

Industries We Work With

Aerospace: A passionate aerospace and aviation sites that give your sales freedom

Banking & Finance: Have a secured website for the banking website that people can entrust

Hospitality: A customer-centric website design that takes the brand one step closer to consumers.

Educational institutions: An inspiring website design to improve the curiosity

Fashion & Retail FMCG: Lifestyle match website that triggers sales and conversion

Healthcare & Pharma: Reliable design that offers solutions and proves capabilities

Manufacturing Industries: Formal and interactive sites for manufacturing industries are now possible.

Food & Beverages: Blend of creativity and technology that induces appetite for the products

Information Technology: A fully structured and label knowledge website for the IT business

Startups: Give your business wings to fly with the right design tool for the business

A customer-centric website design that takes the brand one step closer to consumers.

Venki Photography

Venki Photography is a professional photography studio that captures the best moments of a wedding and other special occasions. They advanced us to undertake the privilege of crafting their Brand Identity and template. Background: Venki Photography is a professional photography studio that captures the best moments of a wedding and other special occasions. They advanced us [...]

Bellatrix Aerospace

Bellatrix aerospace pioneers in developing orbital launch vehicles and electric propulsion system for satellites. It offers highly reliable launch vehicle to its consumers at a minimal cost. Bellatrix approached us and we were given the prestige of designing their Brand Identity and website. Branding: Bellatrix aerospace pioneers in developing orbital launch vehicles and electric propulsion system [...]


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Core Services

Website Design – Now, having a great design is different from having an interactive design. Now we help in creating the right design that matches all your brand requirements and, at the same time, keeps consumer choices as a priority. Choose website design with Two Stones and create a design for your brand that stays in top-of-mind for your audience.

Web Development – Create a website with Two stones that helps to convert every lead into customers. In the internet era, people are going to judge by your website. It is more than a platform for business. We ensure that the organization uses the right framework and development that are user-centric, accessible, and support integrations.

Digital Marketing – Digital Marketing is more than a need. Now, if you want to penetrate through this competitive market, you need to adopt digital marketing principles. We at Two Stones help in creating a strategy for business communication with the Digitalization of your brand. Now create your own space online with the right channels and platform by working with us.

Search Engine Optimization – Does SEO help your rank in Google? Whether the answer is ‘Yes’ or ‘No,’ we know that SEO is the right key to take your business to the right audience. Create more traffic, generate more leads, and convert more sales with SEO choices made with Two stones.

Mobile App Development – Mobile Application is a great way to get your business straight to the pockets of the customers. Now we help your brand create mobile applications that are working on cross platforms, which includes android, iOS, windows, and blackberry. Now don’t miss the right opportunity by compromising on the mobile app. Maximize your reach with the user-friendly applications constructed with us.

Branding – Branding is more than a logo. Well, we don’t want to stop with that either. For creating a perfect branding, let us know your ideas from scratch. Your mission, vision, goals of the organizations, what is your idea of internal communication, and more.  Let us help you in creating a brand that offers credibility and brings potential people.


How to choose a good web design company?

A good web design company will follow professional standards and process in the website design & development. The requirement analysis, wireframes, UI design, content creation, HTML/Wordpress development are the step by step process in designing a website.

How much is cost to design a basic web design?

Basic websites are done from 5,000 to 5L in the Indian markets. So its purely depends on the clientele, industry, target segment, purpose on the website, interactions with the customers etc. A good website design company in Coimbatore would charge between INR 75,000 to INR INR 1,25,000 for a website with good UI design.

How long will it take to get a new website from Two Stones?

On an average, We plan to deliver the website six to eight weeks turnover, but the pace of the project is set by client. How much inputs, contents and feedback are given at the initial stage ill dive the project completion. Everything is depends upon the inputs and content from the client and the functionalities of website. The more complex websites will take more time.

What is WordPress Website Design?

WordPress website is content management system (CMS) and it’s a open source website creation platform. It is web software used to create high functional website and bogs. WordPress is the best website to develop interactive sites and helps for SEO aspect.

Two Stones create only WordPress websites?

No, We are one stop shop solution for web design in various platform like PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, bootstrap and jQuery. We also have CMS content management system and Data Technologies.

Will my website be mobile-friendly?

Absolutely, We only develop websites with mobile friendly to get customers in various devices. It is most important than ever.

How do you accept payments?

We do accept payment through Wire Transfer, Cheque, and PayPal.

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Two Stones is the best web design company in Coimbatore India, providing premium web solutions to clients across the globe. We use proven modern technologies to develop creative web design with innovative ideas and unique strategies.

Two Stones ensures to deliver a top-quality web design and development for Start-up businesses to mark their brand in the market. We provide customized web design services to Medium Sized companies and Large-Scale businesses.

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