Club and Events table reservation app


The “Talat” event reservation app is one of a kind in Qatar to view all the events happening in Qatar, in places like hotels,clubs etc., for individuals, corporate bookings, tourists, and locals who would like to explore parties and nightlife in Qatar.

Problem Statement

Looking for the events happening around for the week. Planning, confirming and arranging is a tedious process as it involves calling and confirming each place about the activities happening and making the reservations is not as easy and is definitely a time-consuming process. Also, people may not be aware of the events across the country or even the one happening near their location, the only possible way is to advertise or to hear by word of mouth. To eliminate this we thought of displaying all events happening from evening till night in the country in one place. So, we can make the planning and reservations hassle free.

Goal and Solution

The Goal

Talaat is a B2C mobile application which is created to provide impeccable experience to users in- order to eliminate the difficulty in finding the events happening in the country. The process of reserving the table via call or on arrival will take time or will have a longer waiting time to get a table for a group. Our goal is to make the users aware of the events and make the reservations prior.


Talaat is specially designed to ease the process of making reservations and discovering the events according to the specific date and time, you can also have the option to find the events happening in specific locations. This makes this app easy to use and the make the planning and reservations in few simple steps.


UI Design

Style Guide

UI Design

Visual design

UI Design




The “Talat” app serves the following purpose as mentioned below,

  • People can be easily aware of the activities happening around the country.
  • Eliminates the waiting time at the event place and allows to make the booking via the app.
  • Hassle free table reservations and cancellations via the app without calling and waiting for the call to get through.
  • If you think your circle will be interested in any event, it’s easy to share with them which enables them to see all the details.
  • Makes planning easier, can filter options based on date, time, and location. So, chances for the event awareness and booking is high via the app.
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