Brands that Rebranded in 2023 – A Short Recap

Are you aware of the fact that even small changes in a brand’s logo, packaging, and design can have a significant impact on customers’ minds? This comes under the term called “rebranding” which can help any brand better connect with its target audience when used effectively. Let us explore some of the notable brands that were rebranded in 2023 to create a bigger impact on their sales. 


Pepsi has revamped its logo for the first time in 14 years. By March end of 2023, Pepsi had made this announcement. When it is a long period of time, we would definitely expect it to be great and astonishing. In order to let the audience know about this change and trigger their curiosity, Pepsi has released a rebranding trailer on YouTube.

To make the new logo familiar to the audience, the brand has taken several measures. They showcase the logo on trucks, in outdoor ads, and on their signature Pepsi cans. Mauro Porcini, PepsiCo’s chief design officer, aimed to create a visual identity that resonates with current consumers while honoring the brand’s heritage. The online audience has applauded the fresh new look since its launch.

Brands that rebranded in 2023 - Pepsi


The rebranding strategy of HBO Max to Max is a big step. But when looking closely, we can get to the conclusion that the change is necessary. The main reason was to show off the variety of shows and movies they offer. HBO Max used to be all about HBO, but now it has a lot more than just HBO shows. By calling it Max, they wanted to make it clear that there’s a whole range of content available, not just the usual HBO stuff.

Another big reason for the change was to make the service more family-friendly. The HBO brand is known for its more grown-up shows, which might have made families with kids think it wasn’t for them. So, by rebranding as Max, they hoped to attract more families and show that there’s something for everyone.

HBO max


Fanta is one of the brands that rebranded in 2023 which has generated excitement worldwide. On hearing the word Fanta, people get into the imagination that the logo appears to be orange in color. But Jones Knowles Ritchie planned something else. He dropped the iconic orange color that had been reflected for years and revamped the logo in a striking tone i.e., blue. 

The reason behind this major change is to let people across global know that Fanta isn’t always orange in terms of flavor. Known for its unique advertising approach, Fanta didn’t disappoint its customers and continued to impress people with its new look.

Brands that rebranded in 2023 - Fanta


LG, a well-known electronics brand has introduced a new visual identity. It features a flatter digital logo with a lighter shade of red compared to the previous one. The iconic Life’s Good brand tagline is now in a new typeface. This will be more prominently featured in advertising and product packaging. 

LG aims to achieve a more “dynamic and youthful” look in reimagining its brand identity. This will align with the core values of its uncompromising user experience with people-centric innovation. LG also plans to infuse more personality into its iconic logo on the web by using expressive actions such as winking, smiling, and nodding.



After seven years, The PepsiCo Design and Innovation team has decided to reinvent 7UP with a new visual identity. The new design follows a punchy green which is their brand’s signature color along with some citrus hues and high-contrast lines. All these combine to portray the feeling of UPward energy who are all searching for that. 

It comes under the flat design trend and gives the ‘7’ a thick extrusion to integrate nicely with the brand name and positioning. It will be used for both of their variants 7UP and 7UP Zero Sugar. The new slogan “New Get Up, Same 7UP” accompanies the new look and creates a good impression among the audience.

Brands that rebranded in 2023 - 7UP


Nokia appears to be prominent in the list of brands that rebranded in 2023. Its logo is crafted with an angular design in a simple yet modern way. Nokia’s previous logo had thicker letters and a darker blue hue. In the redesign, the K’s diagonal strokes remained in an arrowhead shape, but its vertical stem was removed. The strokes from N and A were also removed for a more modern look. The O changed from a rounded square to a circle. 

Nokia’s rebranding aims to better align the company with current fashion trends while reflecting its creative, dynamic, energized, and modern business practices. It also represents collaboration which is essential for the advancements in accessibility, sustainability, and productivity.



Castrol too introduced a new logo design with a modernized style and feel. They feel this update is necessary to better reflect the company’s unique market positioning and its ability to adapt to evolving client needs.

The redesigned logo features a more modern, dynamic, and vivid style, emphasizing Castrol’s key strengths and differentiators as it seeks to broaden its appeal to a more diverse client base in lubricants, services, and solutions. The classic red, green, and white colors of Castrol are still prominent like before.


As these brands continue to evolve and innovate, one thing is getting clear. The rebranding is not just about a new logo or packaging. It’s about telling a compelling story that resonates with consumers and keeps the brand ahead of the curve. So the brands that were rebranded will achieve their expected results soon with no doubt. Above all, it also teaches that a change is necessary to keep up with the trend and make the brands popular.