Social Media as a Tool for Brand Building in 21st Century

Busy surfing something on your device and suddenly a message pops up showcasing the product that you badly wanted to own?

Brands are tools for businesses to connect with consumers instantly. A brand (usually represented by a log) can help people to relate it to certain products or services. This is certainly a big advantage for brand owners who are able to build loyalty for their products. If for example you manufacture cement with a brand name “XYZ,” does it not make sense for you to create such a strong brand image, so much so that people forget they are buying cement and start calling it “XYZ”? Social media is one of the many venues available to businesses in India for promoting their brand image. Two Stones is a social media agency, India based that connects India businesses to consumers locally and internationally.

Brand building is a slow process and behind the success of most big brands is their ability to meet consumers’ needs fully. Brand building is not a one-time job that you can do and go back to sleep. For a successful brand to remain in limelight it needs to constantly get discussed by people in places where the business operates. Big brands with tons of money, keep themselves in forefront by using a plethora of media to safeguard their position. But not all can afford it. However, social media is a godsend for big, medium and small businesses to compete on an even footing.

Social Media Advantages

Because, at the end of the day, the consumer purchases the brand that has impressed him the most as he has lot of options to choose from; this is the level of competency in the Digital World now. Marketers are trying to create a space for themselves and if there is one thing they do more innovative than you, consumers will obviously pick your competitor’s product over yours although both of you sell the same product.

If you think Digital branding is all about creating a capturing logo and building a decent website, then you are definitely wrong. Because it is much more than that.

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