100 Dosa

100 Dosa is a Chennai based eatery which caters to dosa lovers. It is a one stop destination for all Dosa needs. They bring the authentic flavour and taste of South India to the platter. We were asked to design their Brand Identity and incorporate the logo in all their brand collaterals.

Finding: Chennai is a vast City and there are hundreds of restaurants in each and every town. To stand out and create a Market, a very unique brand identity and an appealing colour that has the potential to attract people to our client’s eatery; we thought are the two quintessential elements to put 100 Dosa over the competitive edge in the highly-driven Market.

Brand Story: 100 Dosa serves the most authentic dosas’ in town and we aspired to create an ideal identity for them which will clearly portray what they stand for and what they specialize in making-the dosa. We wanted to give equal importance to the Dosa they make and also focus on the unique promise they bring to the table by offering 100 specialties of Dosa varieties. We created a distinctive Brand Identity that conveys these information and brings out their specialty.

Design Process: In line with our decision of giving equal importance to Dosa and its 100 varieties, we crafted their logo symbolizing the process of making dosa in a very different approach. Even to make the World’s best dosa, the foremost approach is to pour the batter on the pan using a ladle. We used this logo to convey what our client stands for and we wrote a tagline saying, “Everything 100%”” which adeptly communicates the thought that it offers 100 varieties of dosa with each tasting its 100% best. To add shade to the logo, we used a compelling bright red with orange colour to allure and create pleasant appetite with just a glimpse of our logo sketch.

100 Dosa Everything 100% Brochure
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