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    Why are logos vital for marketing?

    We two stones are a digital marketing agency & Logo design company in Coimbatore providing branding, digital marketing solutions, logo design, etc. We are in this field for a decade with happy customers feeling great about our service.
    Logo design is one such service provided by us. We have a set of professional logo designers who can create captivating logo designs appropriate for businesses and help in building a brand name for businesses. Their brand logo will remain, as their brand identity. This is why we proudly say that we are Coimbatore’s best logo design company.

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    What are the different types of logo design that can be followed?


    logo design should have the following

    • This works well if the business has a unique name.
    • Concentrate on typefaces.
    • Custom-built typeface for such logo design is the best.
      • Omission of graphic design

    Letter Mark

    When businesses opt for Wordmark logo design. But the name is too lengthy. A short version of the name is used. Mostly, the initials of a person related to the business or the initials of the name of the brand are used.

    The letter mark logo design should have

    • Custom typefaces for the logo design
    Work Process of logo making

    How we can work your brand

    Bruno Munari, a professional designer, came up with this methodology. It is used by logo designing companies.


    A broad framework that states the total pattern of conducting research


    Business needs or project scope to solve a user's problems


    Fully functioning high-fidelity prototypes with advanced interactions.


    A collaborative brainstorming exercise often involves stakeholders


    Usability testing with end-users produces meaningful feedback and new updates.

    Mistakes to be avoided while designing a logo

    We have given the guide used by our professional designers in our logo designing company.
    So far, we have been informed about what a logo is and how a logo design company approaches a logo design project.
    • Designing a logo for a business owner rather than the customer.
    • Pixelated and illegible logos
    • A logo is not needed to say everything about the business, that is what marketing is for.
    • Using too many elements in one place makes people too confused.
    • Hiring amateur designers would make a company run into the risk of being involved in copyright issues.
    Let us create a design you’ll love

    We don’t work for you, We work with you

    When a careful look is given to a logo design, one can find out the elements of a logo easily. That is not the case. Elements of a logo are an important part of a logo design. Professional logo designers have a keen eye for spotting any logo design's strengths and weaknesses and can accurately assess its impact. As we are an established logo design company, we have come up with our list of major elements of a logo used by our professional logo designers.


    • Keep it simple
    • Recognizable

    Logo designers prioritize the elements, simplicity and so the, “keep it simple” principle has become a golden rule. A simple logo design is more recognizable than a complex one, as people spend less than 10 seconds looking at logos. Professional logo designers master the art of designing instantly captivating logo designs that convey a message in a simple way.


    • Minimum details in a logo design
    • Fewer colours to be used in logo design

    To create a memorable logo design, the logo designer should prioritize the first principle “of keep it simple while designing a logo”, which makes it easier for memorability. If the concept of a logo design is simple, it can be easily remembered by the audience. A professional logo designer can transform a mundane object into a billion-dollar asset, as seen in the logos of Nike and Apple. Too many details can cause confusion and make the logo design difficult to remember.



    • Avoid using trendy logo designs
    • Now Trend Modern, once the hotness fades, the logo design becomes silly

    The trend in fashion is something that is short-lived for a certain time frame. Logo design must be designed in a modern way, considering all the future aspects of the business. When settling for a trendy logo design, after the gracious period of trendy vibe, the logo design loses its quality or the state of charismatic logo design. Restrict using trendy styles that could become outdated quickly. Design a logo that can remain relevant for 10 to 20 years and accommodate any additional businesses that may emerge during that time. A business may diversify its product range or change its scope entirely, as seen with many big brands that modify or update their logos periodically. These changes may involve typography or the inclusion or exclusion of design elements.


    • Social Media
    • Bill Boards
    • Flex Banner
    • Business Cards
    • Letterheads
    • Product Packaging

    Logos survive because they can adapt to countless formats. Logo design can be spotted everywhere in every possible location and space. Logo design takes both digital and print forms. All of these require different sizes, from the size of a button stamp to tall banners on highways. To do that, make sure when you have your logo designed, that it is a vector graphic, which will would allow you to resize it to any size you want. The one file can be sized and saved. For easy access. If you fail to do that, you have to create a logo design again for every specific size needed.


    • Choose appropriate colors
    • Use Appropriate shapes in logo design

    While talking about elements of a logo appropriate elements play a crucial role. The logo should be suitable for the industry and work for the target audience. Using a logo design with a dazzling farmland look for a law firm can send mixed signals to the law firm’s target audience.
    The logo is for the end user of the product/service. Business owners should keep it in mind while approaching a professional logo design company.


    • The custom-built logo design needs to built from scratch
    • This ensures purity and is free from logo design plagiarism
    • Try not to redo the same types of logos that already exist
    • Don’t settle for a me-too logo design

    If you are intending to come up with a logo by yourself, no problem, you can start by analyzing logo designs used in your industry by your competitors, make note of all the minute details of the elements of the logo, colors in the logo design, shape prominent in the logo and carefully design that you don’t use any elements that have a copyright issue. If you find it difficult to build a home-built logo design and feel that you need help, you can reach out to any logo design company. There are a handful of great logo design companies out there.


    • Color Balance
    • Shape Balance
    • Shape Balance
    • Texture Balance

    The best logo designs can be found by analyzing whether they follow proportion and symmetry. This can be mostly achieved by using geometric shapes. While using abstract shapes, optical balance is applied, which can be done by moving an abstract shape or organic shape to certain positions to achieve the optimal balance. When balance is rightly used in a logo design it draws the visual focus of the onlooker toward the logo design. You can hire a professional logo designer to take care of your custom-built logo.

    Brand color and logos

    Importance of colors in a Logo Design

    Appropriate logo elements

    Psychology behind the shapes used in Logo Design


    Examples are circles, squares, triangles, and their derivatives Ovals, rectangles, and polygons.

    • Squares and Rectangles- the feeling of being safe and contained.
    • Circles- wholeness, and continuity.
    • Triangles- stability, and power.

    Organic Shape

    The Shapes are found in nature.

    • Use it to represent brands related to organic products, herbal brands, etc.
    • Kids Product Brands.

    Abstract Shape

    If an image is worth a thousand words, an abstract image might be worth two thousand.

    • Express multiple concepts and feelings in a single symbol.
    • Popular choice for brands.
    • Symbols, shapes, patterns, or illustrations
    perfectly balanced designs

    Golden rules followed by professional logo designers while designing a bewitching logo

    The aim of a logo design process is to make the logo immediately recognizable. It should inspire trust, loyalty, and superiority.

    Keep it Simple
    Effective at large and small scale
    Effective in color and black & white

    Corporate logo Strategy

    Visual representation of a Company's Brand Identity

    A corporate logo is a visual representation of a company's brand identity. It is often the first thing that people associate with a company and is a critical component of its overall branding strategy. A corporate logo can also evolve over time. It's essential to make sure any changes to a logo are carefully considered, as the logo is a critical part of a company's brand identity.


    • Blue is a popular colour for IT company logos, as it is often associated with technology, innovation, and trustworthiness.
    • Green (which can symbolize growth and vitality),
    • Gray (which can symbolize sophistication and professionalism), and
    • Black (which can symbolize power and strength).


    • Simple shapes are often used in IT company logos, such as squares, circles, and triangles.
    • These shapes can convey stability, symmetry, and order, which are often associated with the technology industry.
    • Geometric shapes are also common in IT company logos and can be used to create a sense of precision and accuracy.


    • Symbols that are commonly used in IT company logos include arrows, circles, and abstract shapes.
    • These symbols can represent progress, innovation, and forward movement, which are key values in the technology industry.
    • Other symbols that are commonly used in IT company logos include circuit board designs, computer chips, and other technological elements.


    • Fonts and typography are important elements in IT company logos and can be used to create a sense of modernity and sophistication.
    • Negative space is often used in IT company logos to create a sense of depth and complexity, which can be associated with the intricacies of technology.
    • Motion and animation are also important elements in some IT company logos, as they can represent the dynamic and constantly evolving nature of the technology industry.


    • Feminine and soft colors like pink, lavender, and pastel shades are effective for women’s clothing brands.


    • Curved and organic shapes like circles or ovals can work well for women’s clothing logos.


    • Textured or hand-drawn elements can give a playful or artistic feel to the logo.


    • Logos for women’s clothing brands can include symbols or icons that represent femininity or beauty, such as flowers or butterflies.


    • Soft and subtle shades can give a modern and sophisticated look to the logo design.


    • Bold and masculine colours like navy blue, grey, and black are popular choices for men’s clothing brands.


    • Angular and geometric shapes like squares or triangles can work well for men’s clothing logos.


    • Minimal or no texture is preferred to give a clean and modern look.


    • Logos for men’s clothing brands can include symbols or icons that represent masculinity or strength, such as animals or weapons.


    • High-contrast shades can make the logo design stand out.


    • Black, white, and gold are popular colour choices for high-end fashion brands.


    • Simple shapes like rectangles or diamonds can work well for high-end fashion logos.


    • Textured or layered elements can give a luxurious feel to the logo.


    • Logos for high-end fashion brands can include symbols or icons that represent luxury or exclusivity.


    • Soft and subtle shades can give a modern and sophisticated look to the logo design.


    • Bold colours like red, blue, and green are popular choices for athletic clothing brands.


    • Dynamic shapes like triangles or arrows can work well for athletic clothing logos.


    • Minimal or no texture is preferred to give a clean and modern look.


    • Logos for athletic clothing brands can include symbols or icons that represent the brand’s focus on athletics and fitness.


    • High-contrast shades can make the logo design stand out.


    • Bright and cheerful colours like pink, blue, and green work well for children’s clothing brands.


    • Playful shapes like stars or hearts can work well for children’s clothing logos.


    • Textured or hand-drawn elements can give a playful feel to the logo.


    • Logos for children’s clothing brands can include symbols or icons that represent childhood, such as toys or animals.


    • High-contrast shades can make the logo stand out.


    • Warm, earthy colours – browns, beiges, and greens.
    • These colours are often associated with comfort, relaxation, and natural beauty.
    • Other colours –
      • Blue (which can symbolize trust and dependability),
      • Red (which can symbolize passion and energy), and
      • Gold (which can symbolize luxury and sophistication).


    • Curved shapes are commonly used – circles, ovals, and rounded rectangles.
    • These shapes can convey a sense of elegance, relaxation, and warmth, which are key values in the hotel industry.
    • Other shapes that are commonly used in hotel industry logos include diamonds, stars, and other geometric shapes, which can be used to create a sense of sophistication and exclusivity.


    • Symbols that are commonly used in hotel industry logos include images of buildings, mountains, sunsets, and other natural elements.
    • These symbols can represent the beauty and tranquillity of the hotel’s location, as well as the luxury and comfort of the hotel experience.
    • Other symbols that are commonly used in hotel industry logos include stylized images of beds, pillows, and other elements associated with the hotel experience.


    • Fonts and typography are important elements in hotel industry logos and can be used to create a sense of sophistication and exclusivity.
    • Negative space is often used in hotel industry logos to create a sense of depth and complexity, which can be associated with the luxury and exclusivity of the hotel experience.
    • Images of food and drink can also be important elements in some hotel industry logos, particularly for hotels that offer dining and room service options.


    • Bright, bold colours are often used in FMCG product logos to create a sense of energy and excitement.
    • Red, yellow, blue, and green are some of the most commonly used colours in FMCG product logos, as they are attention-grabbing and can convey a sense of freshness and quality.


    • Many FMCG product logos feature simple, geometric shapes such as circles, squares, and triangles to create a clean and modern design.
    • Other logos may use more organic shapes to create a sense of nature and healthfulness.


    Symbols used in FMCG product logos may be directly related to the product or service being offered, such as a silhouette of a product or an image of an animal that is associated with the brand.
    Other logos may use abstract symbols or shapes that are meant to convey a sense of energy, freshness, or quality.


    • Typography is an important element in FMCG product logos, as it can create a unique and recognizable visual identity for the brand.
    • Negative space can be used to create a sense of depth and complexity in the design.
    • Graphics and illustrations can be used to create a unique and memorable visual identity that sets the brand apart from its competitors.


    • The use of different shades and tints of colour can help to create a sense of depth and contrast in the logo design.
    • For example, using lighter and darker shades of blue in a logo that features a product can create a sense of texture and dimensionality.


    • Bright, bold colours are often used in startup logos, such as blues, greens, oranges, and pinks.
    • These colours can convey a sense of energy, creativity, and innovation.


    • Simple, geometric shapes are often used in startup logos, such as circles, squares, and triangles.


    • Symbols that are commonly used in startup logos include light bulbs, stars, and other images associated with innovation and creativity.
    • These symbols can represent the fresh ideas and new approaches that startups are known for.


    • Fonts and typography are important elements in startup logos and can be used to create a sense of modernity and creativity.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Questions About a Twostones

    Complexity is involved while designing a custom project, each logo is a unique piece, that should be treated individually, so no standard price could be fixed. The price depends on the problem, industry, style, technique, etc. which defers from project to project.

    While researching the product the designer encounters various problems and finds a pattern that suitably matches the project. An experienced logo designer can design a logo within a short duration, this involves the ideation phase, execution phase, and then finalizing a logo design. By the end of the process, the result would be marvelous.

    The logo should be treated as an additional marketing tool alongside businesses’ marketing efforts. So the customer should define the problem that needs to be solved using the logo. By defining the problem statement a logo design could be tailored to businesses needs.

    When it can solve the problem and vibes cool idea, and hidden meaning through its fresh logo design.

    It purely depends on how a business needs to project them among the huge crowd. They can either create a wordmark logo, a brandmark logo, or even a combination of both.

    As per customer request n number of logo designs can be designed, it is purely their choice. But businesses should confirm whether the designs fit their business. For a food consumer product, the logo can be split and used in various parts of the package, and grouped together to form one single logo to cover the face of the product package. The necessity arises based on the usage of the area.

    Businesses seek help from either a logo design company or branding agencies, who also develop logo design. The logo design company has specialized logo designers who can create enchanting logo designs appropriate for the business. A logo design company specializes in creating custom logos for businesses or individuals. They work closely with their clients to understand their brand and create a logo that accurately represents their values and target audience. Logo design companies may also offer additional branding and design services.

    Any business, organization, or group that finds a necessity to be identified among its competitors, establishes itself with its business in form of a symbol.

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