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NewsTN is one of the best Tamil online media. It is a world-class online news site that is published exclusively on the web. Every news that comes out in it is presented based on the information collected from various angles. And many micro researches are done to ensure that every news is true and accurate. In Tamilnadu, the best way is to give special attention to the background of each news and ensure its authenticity.

New TN Layout
New TN Layout

Favicon Our Approach

The focus was split into two key areas: streamlining a visitor’s user journey and booking process, and bringing the in-venue Bounce experience to life online.
During the UX phase, we explored implementing a structured navigation throughout the website, which allows users to move seamlessly through to the end goals of their journey. Additionally, we also placed the call-to-actions more strategically to increase booking conversions and also inform users of everything Bounce has to offer.
Bounce’s energetic personality and exciting new branding allowed us to experiment and be more playful with animation to make the digital experience more dynamic. We looked at using circular page transitions, on scroll animations and interesting ways in which content appears on the site, all of which keeps users engaged and translates through to the mobile experience.
The final result is a stunning website with a new and improved look and user experience, which also feels inclusive for everyone and reflects Bounce as a brand!