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A little limelight doesn’t hurt, right! Even more so when your internet business desires to storm in customers. Where digital marketing is pronounced, Two Stones stand synonymous- not for nothing that we are one of the best digital marketing agency in Coimbatore.

Set up a great digital presence, and rank it to the top? We are on it. Did we hear you think Lead generation, Search Engine Optimization, or was it, Social Media Marketing? You name it, we do it- right here at the best digital marketing company in Coimbatore.

There are several digital marketing service providers available in Coimbatore. But the right service provider can provide custom-made services that just matches your need. Among all the digital marketing companies in Coimbatore, Two Stones is unique with its quality of service, delivery of the product and pricing. As a digital marketing company based in Coimbatore, we focus on delivering services that are based on brand identity and target audience.

Digital Marketing in Coimbatore

Every time a client with a requirement looks for it on a search engine, say Google, the results are listed on the search engine result page. Now, the best way to reach that potential customer is to get your page on the top of the SERP. To do this, you need the aid of a digital marketing company that can optimize your content using SEO optimization tools and techniques. This can ensure that your firm is listed on the top. This also increases the probability of the client reaching out to know more about you when compared to the other firms. This is how your firm grows in terms of clients. This occurs not just in your city or state or country. This occurs at a global level. There are 3.5 billion active Google searches happening every day. With such huge numbers, all it takes for your business to boom up is the right digital marketing company offering the best digital marketing services in Coimbatore.

What is Digital Marketing?

With the internet invading every field in today’s world, digital marketing is omnipresent. It is an umbrella term that includes advertising brands, products or services on the internet. This includes places like search engine results, websites, social media platforms, mobile applications and promotional emails. Digital marketing has helped a lot of firms in Coimbatore to obtain new clients. It has also helped a few others with customer retention. The potential of digital marketing is so wide and huge that most of it remain untapped. This is evident from the statistics that state that over 93 per cent of interactions start with a simple search engine result.

After this, the product or service provider can take the lead forward by trying to interact with the client through messages or promotional e-mails. This can help in moving the client further on the pipeline. Digital marketing is an ocean with multiple tools, which, if exploited wisely can scale up your business in just months.

Why is Digital Marketing Important for your Business?

As mentioned above, digital marketing is the trend today. There are a few perks of involving digital marketing in your business. This includes,

Brand Visibility

In simple terms, brand visibility is drawing people’s attention towards your products or services or in general your firm. This could be through advertisements on social media or through listing in search engines. Familiarizing people about your brand automatically brings in a lot of potential clients, and in turn, scales up your business tremendously.

Generate leads

Leads are potential clients who are looking for the products or services your offer. Generating leads is a potential way to tap clients. By targeting an audience and creating awareness can help in lead generation. The relationship with the lead can further be built by staying in touch using promotional emails.

Improve traffic

Traffic is the amount of data sent and received on a particular website by visitors. In simple terms, it gives a rough estimate of the number of people visiting your site. An improvement in website traffic means an increased probability for your firm to get a new client. A 10-20 per cent increase is considered a desirable amount for improving your business.


It is estimated that around 199 billion Indian rupees were generated through digital marketing ads in the year 2020. And the graph shows an exponential increase for the next few years. By following the right tips and tricks, one can easily generate revenue on the internet. This is yet another reason why every firm needs to have a digital marketing service.

Digital Marketing Service at Two Stones

Two stones, being one of the best digital marketing company in Coimbatore, offers an array of services. This ranges from social media marketing to content marketing. Here is a list of services that we offer at Two stones,

Pay per Click Management

Pay per click management is one of the ways to bring in traffic to your web page. Here, every time a client clicks on an ad, that lands them on your page, the page’s owner has to pay a specific amount. Though not organic, this strategy helps in pitching clients.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is no longer an interaction platform. It is here that most sales take place. Especially food and beverages, fashion and related sectors have boomed up on social media. There are several media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and even WhatsApp that could be used to promote business. But before that, it is essential to optimize and organize the content that is to be posted. This requires the help of a digital marketing company that can help you reach potential clients in Coimbatore and globally by posting restricted and definite content.

Search Engine Marketing

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a digital marketing method for improving a website’s presence in search engine results pages (SERPs). Search engine marketing has become a critical online marketing approach for expanding a company’s reach, as an increasing number of people study and shop for products online.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search engine optimization is the key to successful digital marketing. Not all content you post fetches your followers. Only those with the right keywords and data is picked up by the search engine’s algorithm to display on the result page. Thus, instead of posting tons of content on your web page, using precise and brief, yet relatable information can help your firm reach out to the right customers.

Content Marketing

Content doesn’t simply refer to wordings or write-ups on your web page. Apart from this, your page also contains, photos, videos, audio and podcasts that are related to your firm or the product/services you offer. Managing the content on your web page or social media handles is essential. Overcrowded web pages are not liked by most viewers. One should ensure that the right amount of content, is positioned properly on your web page. This requires the assistance of a digital marketing company.

All the above-mentioned services are offered with great quality by Two stones, the #1 leading digital marketing company in Coimbatore. We have been working with several brand and businesses on these services. This has given our team the expertise. With this knowledge, we can help formulate proper plans to redesign your strategy or create a new digital marketing strategy or social media handle for your firm.

Types of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an umbrella term that includes several services. In broad, those are,

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The ultimate aim of SEO is to get your page listed on top in search engine results. This involves a lot of intricacies. The contents you post on your web page and social media handle needs to be optimized. This is because the phrases are considered when search results are displayed. In the case of audio or video posts, the paraphrasing of these contents also has to be included, for your page to get displayed on the results. An expert in SEO works on keyword targeting, enhanced link structure and content indexing. All these put together can improve the chances of your page being displayed.

Pay per Click (PPC)

Every time you search for something on the internet, you will land upon a result page displayed with a lot of ads. These ads are usually present on the bottom or sides of the result page. Have you ever wondered where these ads come from? If not, then this is yet another digital marketing strategy. These ads are displayed for a reason. And every time a viewer clicks on the ad, the owner of the ad has to pay a specific sum to the owner of the page. Though inorganic, this is still a potential way to boost your business on the internet. The ads may be random or may depend on your previous searches. The PPC patterns are highly organized and you can restrict your ad to a specific target audience. This could be based on age or gender or geographic location.

Public Relation

In this digital world, bloggers and influencers are of the few people that the general public relies upon. Using these influencers to promote your business is an easy and cost-effective strategy when compared to the other digital marketing strategies. This helps in improving brand trust and also boosts sales. Also, it improves the SEO ranking and makes sure that your website occupies the top position in the SEO ranking.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media is an untapped reservoir of potential clients. A hundred thousand people are accessing social media platforms every day. Every post you put up on Facebook or Instagram is viewed by millions of users. It is this potential that is tapped in the case of social media marketing. Optimizing the content you post on social media, such as the keywords, hashtags and promotions, can improve the business on these platforms as well.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the potential ways to reach consumers and clients. From e-books, journals, videos and podcasts to video conferencing to create brand, products and service awareness, everything falls under content media marketing. One has to be selective on the nature of content to be posted on the internet. The role of content management is to regulate this content.

Affiliate Marketing

In the case of affiliate marketing, there are three players involved. An advertiser, who wishes to promote their business or product on the internet. Secondly, there is a publisher who posts the ads on his site or social media handle. And thirdly, there is the client or consumers, who buy the product. The advertiser or publisher could be partners. Or in a few cases, the advertiser may just pay the publisher. In this interaction, the publisher acts as a middle man that carries the information about the product or services to the consumer. In turn, the publisher is paid by the advertiser.

Viral Marketing

This happens usually in social media. There are a few trending topics or memes that are popular among the public at a specific point in time. Using this template, every business owner promotes their products under the same banner. The trending image or topic is used as a format to promote business. This has a greater reach among the public at a low cost and a relatively small item frame.

Influencer Marketing

In every field, there are pioneers and experts that people consider heroic. It is this publicity that is exploited in the case of influencer marketing. A popular figure or an expert carried the message about the product or service to the public. In most cases, this is advantageous. This is because people rely on those influencers.

Online/website Marketing

This is an advanced strategy and also a cost bearing one. Not all startups have a website of their own. However, with the intervention of technology, developing a website has become relatively cheap. One can simply build a small, yet informative website. The same could be shared among the public to spread the word about the firm. Further, in the case of websites, one can also build an e-commerce website where consumers can directly place orders for specific products.

It is clearly understood from the above terminologies that digital marketing is indeed a vast expanse. The right usage of available resources and ideas can give your business a boom. However, one needs expert advice to organize and scrutinize all the information. This is why you need digital media marketing companies to save you from this ocean.

Digital Marketing Companies in Coimbatore

Digital marketing companies are omnipresent. Yet not all of them are experts. The right digital marketing company can help you strategize your plans. It can help you formulate posts and even identify the target audience, screen keywords and choose the right plans. This requires expertise and sound knowledge of all the tools used in social media marketing.

Two stones is one of the leading digital marketing companies located in Coimbatore. Their in-house team contains experts who are experts in all spheres of digital marketing.

Our Digital Marketing Clients

Our prime focus is on delivering quality digital marketing services to our clients within the stipulated timeframe. We strategies and work on this as our only target. Several happy digital marketing clients in Coimbatore and India are highly satisfied with our quality of work. Here are a few of them,

These are just a few of the several clients we have handled on digital media. If you wish to expand your business on the internet, the only thing you need to do is reach out to Two stones with your requirements. Our team of experts can help you get the best services at the right time and within your budget.

What we do in digital marketing?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Free, organic, editorial, or natural results on the webpage and your business website still holding a place, sounds like a dream, right?! Well, we at Two Stones, are efficient at that and more, and we strive to leap beyond limitations in every project we undertake.

Social Media Marketing

We understand audience perspectives and are proficient at social media research. We are racing up ahead of the social media strive and know where your business can leave the best mark. From increasing web traffic to raising brand awareness and conversions, let us, a well-established digital marketing company, help you.

Paid Marketing Campaigns

It’s raining opportunities, are you ready to catch ‘em all? With the aid of paid marketing campaigns, you get to cover search engine results pages (SERPs), social media platforms and websites right under your wing- when you have expert assistance that is, and we are here to give just that.

Online Reputation Management

Online reputation is something we dare not mess with especially when it comes to a business presence. ORM is a proactive process where the right amount of indulgence is critical. The best digital marketing companies who are masters at the game are the go-to source and we at Two Stones exist to serve your purposes.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Gone are the days when plain promotions sufficed. It’s a race you definitely do not want to get lost in. To catch up, you need to level up; which also means you make thorough use of search engine marketing. While you focus on the product you want to sell, we make sure you stay on top of the SEM game.

Prerequisite Study

We get to know your requirements so we can bring the desired essence into your brand, for which our team ensures that the prerequisite study is no doubt done right.

Ideation & Model

Strategies are outlined and structural formation ideated. We are totally hooked on the concept- ideal modelling is key to exceptional products.


Impressions matter for digital marketing roots are unquestionably unchanged in that arena. The interface and experience are our expertise and so your page shall speak.


Right performance is hardwired into the projects we undertake. From initial visual appeal to overall involvement experience, our backend experts leave no stone unturned to give you the best.

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Our Core Services

Website Design – We thoroughly believe that user experience helps in making the purchase decisions. Two stones we have skilled and experienced UI designers who are proven for building scalable businesses. We design custom designs that help your target audience to come back to the site. Get your perfect website created by us.

Web Development – We leverage technology, tools, and best practices for developing unique websites for every brand. With the team of giants on planning, design, and development now you can build the most empowered platform for your business. Two stones as one of the top web development company in Coimbatore will help you in guiding the strategy and setup for your online presence through these websites.

Digital Marketing – Get your brand discovered with the optimized digital strategies that are unique to your brand. We, as the renowned digital marketing company in Coimbatore, understand that your digital transformation should overall reduce the cost in the process of acquiring the customers. By keeping ROI on the loop, our strategies for your brand will help in reaching organic growth and develop more inbound traffic.

Search Engine Optimization – Assuring that we will be coming up with the most relevant and problem-solving content for your websites and blogs. In the process of SEO, you will realize that we are mapping out to the desired results expected. It is one of the top priorities in the company to produce our client websites as top-ranking sites on the search engines.

Mobile App Development – As a team Two Stones has put together some of the tech-driven brains who can offer the mobile application with the optimal audience coverage. The quality is assured with the highest retaining capacity. From the e-Commerce application to gaming apps, we have a versatile range of skill that can fulfill your requirement.

Branding – Our branding technique is fluid enough in matching the unique requirements for various channels. Whether it’s online or offline with our branding strategies, you can position the business at the top of the mind of people. Keeping your most ideal customers in the process, we create brands that are competitive, distinctive, and profitable.


An active operational online marketing presence, for your business drives you to digital marketing which basically is the use of the Internet, mobile devices, social media, search engines, and other modes to reach out to consumers.

With technology driving humans to the screen-age, digital marketing is key to business owners so they don’t lose out in the marketing game. Digital marketing essentially covers all aspects of your business and helps you stay on top of sales or any target action that you want to achieve.

Search engine optimization (SEO), Search engine marketing (SEM), Content marketing, Social Media Marketing (SMM), Pay-per-click advertising (PPC), Affiliate marketing, Email marketing. Well, you get the gist, any method that brings you close to excellence through the internet mediums counts itself into the digital marketing umbrella.

There are a couple of good digital marketing companies in Coimbatore that does a good job. We consider two stones, as one among them as we have 7+ years of experience, a hand full of the team of content developers, digital strategists, animators, designers, digital markets, PPC analysts, SEO analysts, etc. Through our strategies, we have made wonders to clients in increasing their online presence and generate good leads.

Any business in any field can benefit from digital marketing. Regardless of what your firm sells, digital marketing still entails constructing buyer personas to understand the needs of your target audience and producing valuable online content.

The main distinction between B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) digital marketing is how strategies and techniques are constructed. The fundamental explanation for this discrepancy is the function of the audience. Instead of communicating with people in their personal consumer position, we communicate with them in their professional business one in B2B.

We have worked with enterprises of all sizes, from small firms and start-ups to national and global corporations. We’ve worked with firms in a variety of industries, ranging from software corporations and insurers to local plumbers and photographers.

This is a difficult topic to answer because every project is unique, and timeframes are often outside our control (for example, a client’s developer may not have time to work on our proposals). Our standard response is that most, if not all, clients will notice a significant improvement within the first 60 days of starting the project.

Digital marketing company in Coimbatore. A crew of digital marketers, content developers, visualisers, creative director, & digital strategists.

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Two Stones is a top digital marketing company in Coimbatore with proven work methods & 7+ years of experience. With our expertise in digital marketing and online strategies, we build good digital brand presence for our clients.

We have worked with startups, SMEs & corporate companies across the globe and currently having 200+ satisfied clients. Digital marketing & branding has become an essential part of today’s business world and we are experts in building it 🙂