Digital Branding-Redefined

When it comes to E-store or Internet, there is no posh office room, no smart or good looking sales professionals and in fact, you are not there to shake the person by hand.

The entire communication happens just between two and that is the consumer and your brand. Your brand is all that you have to create that first impression for you.Let’s say you go to a shop to buy a product and it has a broken door, untidy curtain and conveys a very weary look. Will you buy anything from that store?.

E-World is not an exception. People visit your brand online and let’s say it has no creative content, a really old-fashioned logo and no catchy name or tag-line. You think people would want to do business with you?

You don’t have anyone to offer your customer a drink and you might actually spend loads of money on Google trying to invite more people to visit your website, but what if they come online, look at your website and find your brand not interesting and capturing their attention?

They will simply click the back button and never come back to your page.

Because, at the end of the day, the consumer purchases the brand that has impressed him the most as he has lot of options to choose from; this is the level of competency in the Digital World now. Marketers are trying to create a space for themselves and if there is one thing they do more innovative than you, consumers will obviously pick your competitor’s product over yours although both of you sell the same product.

If you think Digital branding is all about creating a capturing logo and building a decent website, then you are definitely wrong. Because it is much more than that.

“4 seconds is all that your consumer spends on your website and those 4 seconds decides if the consumer chooses you or not”.

So how are you going to impress your consumer in that 4 second?

Logo, website, tagline, images, content, product, quality, services, your clients should all be conveyed in a nut-shell with the maximum professionalism and creativity possible to put your brand ahead of competitors and make you the brand your clients want to do business with and win their loyalty and trust.

It is difficult but definitely not impossible for Two Stones is on your side to hold you strong and guide you through to build your niche in this Digital Combat. Our Professionals expertise in Digital Branding to help your brand grow strong because your success is our vision.

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