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Branding is the core segment of the business which can make a huge impact on customer perception about the particular brand, and being one of the best strategists branding company we stood out to be the best in this field. Our service in branding includes creating, planning, measuring and managing branding strategies for clients. In branding strategy we simulate different perspectives of ideas such as promotion and recreation which can be adapted for long term goals for the business. As a strategic branding company we focus on the long-term plan to achieve a series of long-term goals that ultimately result in the identification and preference of your brand by consumers.

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What is strategic branding?

Strategic branding is a long-term interdepartmental plan for a brand to achieve specific, pre-defined goals. A successful strategic branding must be well-designed and implemented across all business functions in order to improve the consumer experience, competitive advantage, and financial performance. Strategic branding is a crucial part of a business plan and it is a component of a business plan that describes how the company will establish rapport and favorability in the market. A brand strategy’s goal is to become memorable in the eyes of the consumer so that they choose your business over the competition.

How is branding important for business?

Branding is one of the important aspects of the business. There are lots of strategic branding companies emerging also . And everyday consumers are exposed to social media where they learn about the brand in different ways so it would be a great opportunity for the company to establish a great image in the minds of their customers through branding in various social media platforms through strategic branding companies.

There are five major aspects of branding in business.


A brand must communicate to its target audience with a clear purpose and value proposition. Understanding the needs, wants, and desires of the target audience as well as how the brand may satisfy them is part of this. Nowadays there are lots of branding agencies with vast amounts of connections creating a new path in this branding field.


A brand’s identity is made up of personality and tone of voice in addition to its name, logo, and other visual components. The identity must accurately reflect the goal of the company and be consistent across all touchpoints.


The brand must stand out from rivals in a significant way, such as through its distinctive value proposition, the caliber of its goods or services, or its cutting-edge features.


Building a strong and recognisable brand requires consistency. All touchpoints, including packaging, advertising, and consumer encounters, must retain a unified appearance, feel, and message.

Measurement and analysis-

It’s crucial to evaluate the success of branding projects, make any necessary adjustments, and guarantee that the brand is reaching its objectives. This includes keeping track of KPIs like sales, customer loyalty, and brand recognition.

B2C & B2B Branding Services at two stones

Business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) branding services relate to the various methods and plans used for branding and advertising in so many branding agencies that are aimed at either specific customers or other companies, respectively.

B2C branding services place a major emphasis on developing a strong, recognisable brand that speaks to the wants and needs of particular consumers. In order to create a distinctive and memorable brand experience, this frequently requires combining storytelling, emotional appeals, and creative imagery.
On the other hand, B2B branding services concentrate on establishing reputation and trust with other organizations. This frequently entails emphasizing the caliber and dependability of the goods and services provided, as well as the business’ knowledge and experience in its field. Additionally, thought leadership and content marketing campaigns targeted at enlightening and informing other businesses about the company’s services may be a part of B2B branding.

B2C and B2B branding services both demand a thorough comprehension of the target market and a well-defined brand strategy to be successful. Depending on the sort of business and its objectives, many branding strategies may be employed, but creating a strong, identifiable, and valuable brand is always the final objective.

In two stones we create an identity for your brand and establish a strong base for your brand in digital marketing which helps you to recognise your brand value in this maze of products and services.
In two stones our priorities lie with customer satisfaction. We build more awareness to generate a good amount of traffic on our customers website and we connect with our customer to increase the overall sale.

Branding Service-

Branding services refer to the professional services that help businesses develop and manage their brand identity. These services can include a wide range of tasks, such as logo design, brand strategy development, brand positioning, visual identity creation, brand messaging, brand voice, and brand guidelines development.

Branding services can be provided by a variety of professionals, including branding agencies, marketing firms, graphic designers, and copywriters. These professionals work with businesses to understand their brand values, target audience, and market positioning, and develop a comprehensive branding strategy that helps them achieve their goals.

Design Service-

Design services refer to professional services that help businesses or individuals create visual designs for their products, branding, marketing materials, websites, and other digital or print media. These services are provided by professional designers who specialize in different areas of design, such as graphic design, web design, product design, and interior design.

Brand Consulting-

Brand consulting is a professional service that provides expert advice and guidance to businesses and organizations on how to develop, manage, and enhance their brand identity. Brand consultants are experts in branding and marketing, and they work with clients to create a strong, memorable, and authentic brand image that resonates with their target audience.

Brand Strategy-

Brand strategy is a long-term plan that outlines how a company or organization intends to build, promote, and manage its brand to achieve specific business goals. The ultimate goal of a brand strategy is to create a strong, positive perception of the brand in the minds of its target audience, which can lead to increased customer loyalty, higher brand recognition, and better business outcomes.

Brand and Communication-

Brand and communication are closely linked in that communication is one of the primary means through which a brand is developed, promoted, and managed. Effective communication is critical to establishing a clear and consistent brand voice and message that resonates with the brand’s target audience.

Components of Branding

A company, product, or service’s brand is its distinctive identity, which is created by a number of components that come together to form a complex and comprehensive concept called branding. The fundamental components of branding are as follows:

1- Name:

A distinctive and evocative moniker that embodies the company and is simple for customers to recall.A brand name may seem simple to come up with, yet it may carry a lot of weight. For instance, you might say, “I need a Band-Aid,” if you need to cover a scrape on your arm. While the actual product is an adhesive bandage, the moniker “Band-Aid” is actually the name of a brand. However, most people refer to Band-Aid by its name as a proper noun when they speak.

2- Logo:

A logo is a graphic representation of a brand that aids in establishing its visual identity. It’s frequently your first encounter with a brand; it’s the image that lingers in your memory and evokes recollections of the brand when you see it again.


A succinct and memorable phrase that encapsulates the core principles and values of the brand. The brand image should reflect your brand Tag. A clear example of this offer is Subway’s “Eat Fresh” slogan. By portraying themselves as a healthier alternative to other fast food chains, Subway used the slogan “Eat Fresh” to set itself apart from the competition. This idea was driven home by Subway’s use of green in their branding and the airing of commercials featuring customers’ testimonies about losing weight while dining there.

4- Color palette:

A color palette is a collection of hues that are applied uniformly throughout all branding materials and contribute to the development of a distinctive visual identity. Some businesses have even gone as far as to patent their characteristic brand colors because color is so crucial to branding. UPS brown, Tiffany blue, and Fiskars orange are just a few examples of trademarked hues.

5- Tone of voice:

The language, tone, and style utilized by a brand while communicating, including in messaging and content. The tone of voice of a brand incorporates a certain lexicon. The voice you hear while reading any copy created by a brand, including emails you receive from them, the text on their website, and the language they use on social media, is the voice of the branding company.


Positioning is the process of creating a unique space for a brand in the minds of the target audience. It involves identifying the brand’s key differentiators, understanding the needs and preferences of the target audience, and creating a messaging strategy that communicates the brand’s value proposition in a way that resonates with the target audience.

7- Value proposition:

The distinctive perk that a brand provides to its clients, such as excellence, affordability, or innovation. A value proposition is a statement that communicates the unique value that a brand provides to its target audience. It is a key component of branding and marketing, as it helps to differentiate the brand from its competitors and communicate its key benefits to the target audience. A well-crafted value proposition can be a powerful tool for building brand awareness, driving customer acquisition, and improving customer retention

8- Customer experience:

The whole of a customer’s engagements with a brand, including their interactions with the business, its goods and services, and its personnel. Customer experience is a critical part of branding, as it can have a significant impact on customer loyalty, advocacy, and retention. A positive customer experience can help to build trust, create brand advocates, and increase customer lifetime value, while a negative experience can lead to customer churn, negative reviews, and a damaged reputation.

9- Consistency:

The uniformity of the brand’s elements throughout all touchpoints, such as the website, packaging, advertising, and customer service. Consistency is a key principle in branding, as it helps to establish a recognizable and memorable brand identity, build trust with customers, and create a sense of cohesiveness across all touchpoints

Two stones as a Branding agency

Two Stones is a branding agency that helps businesses develop and implement branding strategies. For the past ten years Two stones has done various projects and in each project we have shown a unique perspective for business development.our branding strategy involves creating or refreshing a brand identity, developing a brand position and messaging, designing visual assets such as logos and packaging, and executing marketing and advertising campaigns. As a branding agency we work with clients to develop a clear and consistent brand image that reflects the company’s values.By crafting a strong brand, a business can differentiate itself from competitors and build trust and loyalty with its target audience. Strategic branding agencies may also provide ongoing brand management services to help businesses maintain their brand integrity over time.

Brand integration

The practice of coordinating a company’s branding with its overarching business plan is referred to as branding integration. To give customers a consistent and unified brand experience, it entails integrating the brand’s values, messaging, and visual identity into every element of the organization, from product creation to customer service. Through this approach, the brand’s positioning and values are reinforced and its language and visual identity are consistently communicated across all touchpoints, including marketing materials, social media, and consumer interactions. Building a powerful and identifiable brand that connects with consumers and propels corporate growth requires strategic branding integration.

Brand positioning

The process of developing a brand’s distinctive value proposition in a way that distinguishes it from its rivals and appeals to its target market is known as brand positioning. It entails recognising the crucial advantages and characteristics that set the business apart and applying them to create an effective positioning statement. The brand’s target market, major advantages, and competitive position are all outlined in the positioning statement. Building a solid brand identity and a devoted consumer base require strategic brand positioning. It guarantees that the brand’s perception aligns with its values and goals and aids in creating a sustained competitive advantage. It will be a crucial task in most of the branding agencies when they vigorously promote the positioning of the brand and huge changes in promotions.

Brand development

The process of creating a powerful and recognizable brand that complements the overarching business plan is referred to as strategic brand development. In all strategic branding companies developing a brand and creating an identity is how they can attract the customers’ mind. It entails creating a thorough brand strategy that covers all facets of the company’s operations, such as brand identity, marketing, and product design. An extensive analysis of the target market, market trends, and the competitive environment is the first step in the process. The brand’s positioning, message, and visual identity are established based on this data to give consumers a consistent and enticing brand experience. The process of developing a strategic brand entails regular monitoring and adaptation to shifting consumer preferences and market conditions. An effective brand development strategy in any branding agencies can help a business stand out from rivals, cultivate client loyalty, and promote expansion.

Brand architecture

Strategic brand architecture refers to the way a company organizes and manages its portfolio of brands to achieve its business objectives. All the branding agencies are running with objectives to improve the businesses and It involves defining the roles and relationships between different brands, and making decisions about brand names, logos, and visual identities. A well-designed brand architecture can help a company maximize the value of its brands, increase customer loyalty, and create a clear and consistent brand message.

Brand extension

Using an established brand name to launch a new product or service in a different category or market is known as strategic brand extension. branding Companies may be able to expand market share, access new client segments, and utilize their brand equity by doing this. To ensure that the new product or service matches with the key values and brand qualities and that the reputation of the brand is not jeopardized, rigorous preparation and execution are necessary. Successful brand extensions can give businesses a competitive edge and sustainable growth.

Brand launch

Strategic brand launch refers to the process of introducing a new brand or a significant brand update to the market in a way that is carefully planned and executed to achieve the desired impact. In branding agencies the process includes developing a clear brand positioning, creating a distinctive visual identity and messaging, selecting the right channels and tactics to reach the target audience, and building anticipation and excitement prior to the launch. A successful brand launch can help a company generate buzz, differentiate itself from competitors, and establish a strong foundation for future growth. However, it requires a comprehensive understanding of the market, a thorough analysis of consumer needs and preferences, and a well-coordinated effort across all marketing and communication channels.

Brand design service

A professional service known as “brand design service” aids companies in developing or updating their brand identity, which includes visual components including the logo, typography, color scheme, and overall design system. In order to ensure consistency and coherence across many platforms and touchpoints, brand design services might also include drafting brand guidelines. Most of the branding companies focus on Creating a distinctive, identifiable, and memorable brand image that reflects the values, personality, and objectives of the brand and connects with the target market is the aim of brand design. Specialized design firms, independent designers, or internal design teams can all offer brand design services.

Digital media branding

Digital media branding strategy refers to the plan and tactics a company uses to establish and promote its brand in the digital space, including social media, websites, mobile apps, email marketing, and other online channels. Many strategic companies were using this platform for their customers’ demands. The goal of a digital media branding strategy is to create a cohesive and consistent brand image that resonates with the target audience, increases brand awareness and engagement, and drives conversions and sales. Key elements of a digital media branding strategy may include developing a strong visual identity, creating a content marketing plan, identifying and engaging with target audiences through social media, optimizing the company’s website and other digital assets for search engines and user experience, and leveraging data and analytics to measure and optimize performance. A well-executed digital media branding strategy can help a company build a strong online presence, establish brand authority, and gain a competitive advantage in the digital marketplace.

Personal Branding

Personal branding is the process of developing and maintaining a distinctive professional identity and reputation that reflects a person’s abilities, knowledge, and personality. It entails determining one’s distinctive selling point and developing a message that effectively conveys it to the target market through a variety of communication channels, such as social media, websites, public speaking, and networking.In branding agencies powerful personal brand can help people build reputation, set themselves apart from rivals, and open doors for business expansion or professional progress. Creating a personal strategic branding statement, a personal logo or visual identity, a professional internet presence, cultivating a network of business contacts, and gaining knowledge in a certain area of interest are some of the essential components of personal branding. Authenticity is necessary for a successful personal branding approach, consistency, and a commitment to continuous learning and growth.

Prerequisite Study

We get to know your requirements so we can bring the desired essence into your brand, for which our team ensures that the prerequisite study is no doubt done right.

Ideation & Model

Strategies are outlined and structural formation ideated. We are totally hooked on the concept- ideal modelling is key to exceptional products.


Impressions matter for digital marketing roots are unquestionably unchanged in that arena. The interface and experience are our expertise and so your page shall speak.


Right performance is hardwired into the projects we undertake. From initial visual appeal to overall involvement experience, our backend experts leave no stone unturned to give you the best.

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Website Design – We thoroughly believe that user experience helps in making the purchase decisions. Two stones we have skilled and experienced UI designers who are proven for building scalable businesses. We design custom designs that help your target audience to come back to the site. Get your perfect website created by us.

Web Development – We leverage technology, tools, and best practices for developing unique websites for every brand. With the team of giants on planning, design, and development now you can build the most empowered platform for your business. Two stones as one of the top web development company in Coimbatore will help you in guiding the strategy and setup for your online presence through these websites.

Digital Marketing – Get your brand discovered with the optimized digital strategies that are unique to your brand. We, as the renowned digital marketing company in Coimbatore, understand that your digital transformation should overall reduce the cost in the process of acquiring the customers. By keeping ROI on the loop, our strategies for your brand will help in reaching organic growth and develop more inbound traffic.

Search Engine Optimization – Assuring that we will be coming up with the most relevant and problem-solving content for your websites and blogs. In the process of SEO, you will realize that we are mapping out to the desired results expected. It is one of the top priorities in the company to produce our client websites as top-ranking sites on the search engines.

Mobile App Development – As a team Two Stones has put together some of the tech-driven brains who can offer the mobile application with the optimal audience coverage. The quality is assured with the highest retaining capacity. From the e-Commerce application to gaming apps, we have a versatile range of skill that can fulfill your requirement.

Branding – Our branding technique is fluid enough in matching the unique requirements for various channels. Whether it’s online or offline with our branding strategies, you can position the business at the top of the mind of people. Keeping your most ideal customers in the process, we create brands that are competitive, distinctive, and profitable.


Branding is important since it informs customers and clients of what to expect from your organization in addition to being what makes a lasting impression on consumers. It is a tactic for differentiating yourself from the competition and accentuating the qualities of your offering that make you the superior choice.

A brand is made up of the qualities that set a company, organization, product, or service apart from competing vendors. Businesses frequently use distinctive symbols, words, names, logos, or other aspects to symbolize their firm and its ideals when identifying their brand.

Branding conveys a differentiator or unique selling proposition (USP) that sets a product or service apart from the competitors. Branding techniques include the use of logos, taglines, jingles, or mascots, among others.

This is a monetary indicator of the value of your brand. It comes after the money made as a result of marketing plans and increased brand recognition. Your worth may be influenced by brand equity and how consumers view your company. Customers are more inclined to spend more when they are more devoted to a brand.

When a company targets a market, it determines the characteristics of the consumer who would be interested in their product. Also, they gather information on the tastes, wants, and preferences of these customers.

The average hourly pay for creative and strategic services at agencies is $150–$300. Idea generation for your brand's name, tagline, positioning, narrative, and messaging should be part of this process. For these services, the price range is normally $1,000 to $5,000.

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Corporate branding is a method that businesses use to sell themselves in order to stand out from the competitors. Personal Brands As was already established, branding is no longer limited to businesses.

Expense range for the image: $25,000 to $70,000+ If you want your branding to be done perfectly, seek for companies who provide the entire branding package: brand positioning, narrative, and imagery.

A branding firm can launch a new strategy for your business if the present marketing is not having the desired impact. Your company's identity, promise, target market, and distribution strategies will be defined by your branding, providing your team a new focus that is more closely aligned with your brand.

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