UI UX design hacks to convert website traffic into leads


There are a variety of strategies and channels that can get your business noticed by your audience. But websites are ultimate among them in reaching the audience, generating leads and increase your business revenue. Let us look at the following factors which increase your business revenue from websites.

1st impression is the best impression

Research says that a user takes just a few seconds to decide whether to continue scrolling down a website and close the tab. So crafting a beautiful website design is very much important to attract the users to the website and good UI design helps to reduce the website bounce rate.

A website represents the personality and attitude of the business and thus an attractive website creates a positive impact and credibility of an organisation.

A rich colour, meaningful graphics, good typography, user-friendly environment and professional photos can transform the website into UI(User Interaction) style websites.

Empathise your customer’s need and expectation

Next important aspect from a user’s view is the information he/she is looking out from the website. The average time people spend on any given website is only 15 seconds.

So the information or content must be placed in such a way that the audience should feel ease in accessing the information they are searching on the website.

Keeping the target users in mind when designing a website is the key in customer empathy. A good UI UX designer or agency understands the users, their needs from a business or organisation, their motives and designs the website as a solution to their pain points.

User Interactions

Once the user has got what he needs from a website, the next step is the communication of what the user wants and this we call it as “user interaction”. Interactions with customers keeps them engaged with the product or company and nowadays it can be done in a number of ways.

CTA (Call To Action) helps the audience to interact with the company and inquire about the product and services.

UX best practices promote improving the quality of the user’s interaction. Chatbots, Videos, Live Chat, Customer Form and FAQ which helps the audience to reach the website product and services.

Increasing Customer Experience & Credibility

In today’s digital world, many businesses have earned their credibility through their digital presence. Website plays a major factor as it acts as the face of the company. A business can communicate to their customers about their brand and gain credibility by creating a relationship with customers and earn positive feedback for your product and services.

In today’s world, loyalty is driven by customer experience much more than the actual product and a website with good customer experience can definitely accomplish that.

Finally, UX can increase your revenue

When implementing the above user experience design hacks, we can set a process in converting the traffic as leads.

First, the user is attracted with the good design feel of the website i.e. UI and decided to continue surfing it.

Second, with the good UX design, the user easily gets what he needs and third, makes call to actions to interact with the business which is obviously a LEAD.

And now you can understand the basic sales math, the more number leads increases the chances for converting them to customers by which one can increase the revenue.

To implement the above hacks you need a good team with knowledge, expertise and experience to work the magic of converting the traffic into leads. We at Two Stones, a digital transformation agency, have designed & developed websites for our clients and we can do the same for you as well 😉

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