Babiyama is a women's health and children's center and they are a paperless hospital, so everything happens digitally and no files are provided to the patients. Therefore, patients, doctors, and pharmacies need different modules for their applications to create a complete ecosystem.


So, our goal in creating this app is to:

  1. Data should be easy to store and access.
  2. The application will be used by various internal departments, so it is imperative to have a seamless process flow that does not affect the work of each department.
  3. Patients can easily access their medical reports at any time.


Define the problem

If a patient wants to visit a hospital for a check-up, they must carry a report regularly, but this is not possible all the time, and keeping patient records through files and paper is not an easy task for hospitals either. It requires regular maintenance and occupies a lot of space. Patient data cannot be accessed by doctors until they receive the report. It is difficult to remember appointment dates and vaccination cycles etc. To reduce these hassles for both doctors and patients, babyama needs to go digital and go paperless.


An ecosystem has been created for Babyama to make appointment bookings and the schedule can be easily managed by the hospital. Babyama stores all medical reports digitally and makes them accessible. Doctors can check their upcoming appointments and have access to review the patient report before the patient visit. Follow-ups, vaccination schedules, and prescriptions can be checked in the application. We build a seamless entire workflow.


Visual Design

Design Design


The Babyama digital platform is created for the following purpose:

  1. Since Babyama is storing data digitally, the maintenance has been made easy.
  2. Doctors can have easy access to the upcoming appointment’s patient data and reports.
  3. Patients can check their follow up visits, vaccination schedule, prescription etc in their mobile.
  4. The process flow of the entire hospital has been made seamless.
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