As a Digital Transformation agency, we shift your business paradigm from tradition to digital.

About Us

We are not a MERE Digital Branding Agency and you are not JUST our client! Because, it takes one stone ‘you OR us’ to strike but Two Stones ‘you AND us’ together to create that spark.

Two Stones, the digital agency is one of the pioneers in offering digital transformation services to companies and organizations. Two Stones offers digital services that transform the company internally and achieve its goals externally. At Two Stones, we believe that the code to any transformation is through the digital medium. By showcasing digital at the core of our customers, we integrate with them and help them scale-up in the rapidly evolving world.

By partnering with Two Stones, the digital agency, the clients can transform their ideas into reality, thoughts into products, and plans into executions. Two Stones is a strong believer in ‘Mobile-First’ strategy, which emphasizes on the fact that most businesses generate their leads through mobile-apps or responsive-websites.

Our presence since 2012 is a testimony to the fact that Two Stones is an agency that adopts the latest trend to create solutions in the digital world. Our agility to diversify and create success has taken us far from our start. Our strategies, analysis, research, client-centric view, and ability to accelerate business for our clients has been our advantage in the transformation process.

Client-Centric Approach

Two Stones, the digital agency, pilots a project after a clear understanding of the client. Once the value of the client is brought to the table at Two Stones, the team, the technology, the product and the service imbibe them to create the result that resounds the client’s value. Our Client-Centric approach not only is an understanding of the client but also of their customers, who are attracted to these values and are ready to consume.

Approach Through Insights

Two Stones, the digital agency, create unique products based on research and insights. 70% of the businesses see a slower rate of growth because of narrow research. Two Stones ensures to deliver and support the exact product that the client required with comprehensive research. The insight-driven approach results in products and services that generate maximum value and revenue to our clients. We keep the complete focus on driving results.

Our Process

We analyse every approach with creative thinking and problem-solving strategies.

We generate ideas and develop step by step user flows

We develop every piece of design into wireframes and interface interaction into prototypes

Developing adaptive designs with visual features

Work with us?

Work with us to enrich your brand identity and create a measurable impact on end to end brand design and marketing solutions. we'll discover your business ideas, your goals and objectives, ideal customers, marketing strategy and creative development. We identify new directions with our innovative approach and multi-disciplinary team to provide integrate solutions.